International life insurance from William Russell

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As one of the few insurance providers offering international life insurance, William Russell has created Global Life exclusively for expatriates.
When you live abroad, the security of the people you care about is top priority. The Global Life plan provides essential life cover to help you take care of your family’s future should you die. Minimum cover is available for less than $1 per day but provides priceless security if the worst should happen.

Nothing can replace you, but money provided at the right time will ensure that your family will not be burdened by the financial consequences of your death.

Global Life provides you with total peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on living without undue worry about the future.

Why is this different from local cover?

Unlike local life insurance plans, Global Life covers every move you make – whether you are moving internationally from contract to contract, travelling for business or simply returning to visit relatives in your home country.

Why do I need this type of insurance?

On a typical day in the United Kingdom more than 1,350* people die. Many of these people die prematurely, and with insufficient or no life insurance cover.

Your death could leave your family financially vulnerable. The worry of paying the bills will be the last thing your family will want to deal with when trying to cope with your death.

It’s true that you never know how worth-while having insurance is until you need it. But knowing the statistics, are you prepared to take that chance with the people you care about?

Global Life offers you total peace of mind wherever you are in the world.

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