Party Over For Vang Vieng

Once the most popular place in Asia for drink, drugs and sex, the small Laotian town welcomes tourists more interested in a quiet break
Slowly, the Nam Song River meanders through Vang Vieng. A couple of kids are casting their fishing lines into it, while women wearing straw hats are pushing rickety old bicycles across the old wooden bridge. They are returning from their day’s work in the surrounding rice paddies, while beyond the karst cliffs, a red sun is setting.
A handful of tourists are enjoying the moment, sipping gin and tonics with quiet chill-out music playing in the background while they take in this Asian scene that looks like something out of a picture book.
Vang Vieng is ….

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Vang Vieng’ River Of Booze And Tubes May Be River Of No Return

Yesterday the body of Melbourne student Daniel Eimutis, 19, was found in a river in Vang Vieng, three days after he went missing while tubing with friends. Family said he had drowned.
The tragedy comes less than a fortnight after Sydney traveller Lee Hudswell, 26, was killed after jumping from a tower while tubing in the same area. Reports at the time said at least 22 people had died in the river last year.

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