16 Countries Now Warn Their Citizens On Travels To Thailand

The Tourism Authority of Thailand said today that 16 countries have now warned their people to avoid areas where protests are being held on their travels to Thailand.

However it said that these countries have not yet told their citizens not to travel to Thailand but just advise them to stay away from the areas where protests are held as there was possibility that large scale protest could break out.

The 16 countries are United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, Israel, Brazil, Singapore, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, and Hungary.

According to UPI website, it quoted a statement from the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the United Kingdom as saying that the protest in Thailand since early this month tended to intensify and turn into violence.

Meanwhile New Zealand also retained warning to its citizens issued end of September saying the protest in Thailand could spread and turn violent, it advised its citizens to avoid any involvement in the protest or stay close to areas where protests are held.

Hong Kong also retained its yellow warning to its citizens signaling possibility of danger for travel to Thailand. It advised its citizens to monitor the situation in Thailand closely before their travels, and to keep away from areas where protests are held.

Source: Thai PBS