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480 Vientiane Traffic Police to be on Duty During Pi Mai Lao Festivities

Source: Vientiane Times

The Vientiane Traffic Police Department has arranged for 480 traffic police to be stationed on the city’s streets to prevent accidents and ease traffic flow during the Lao New Year (Pi Mai Lao) celebrations.

Department Director Lieutenant Colonel Vilaphong Saneha said that from April 11-17 traffic police will be stationed at specific locations, including at seven places to enforce the traffic rules, nine checkpoints around temples, and 10 checkpoints along roads, while 67 officers will be on standby at central police stations to receive calls about road accidents.

Vehicles and the necessary equipment have been prepared for use at each checkpoint.

Lieutenant Colonel Vilaphong said police will be on the lookout for speeding vehicles, excessive alcohol consumption and other violations of the traffic rules, and will be on duty all day.

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With several roads in the city currently undergoing major upgrades, especially in Pakngum and Sangthong districts, all road users are advised to exercise caution when during the Lao New Year holiday, pay attention to the traffic rules, be aware of other vehicles nearby, and drive slowly to ensure safety.

To comply with the plans of the Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security to protect road users and ensure safety over the holiday, provincial authorities are also planning to set up checkpoints to prevent accidents and ease traffic flow during the Lao New Year celebrations.

The Traffic Police Department hopes there will be fewer road traffic accidents this year than last.

During the Lao New Year holiday last year, 312 road accidents were recorded in which 545 vehicles were damaged, 522 people were injured and 35 people died.
This year, the Department is coordinating with other agencies to create safe driving conditions, prevent traffic violations that lead to accidents, and reduce the number of accidents.

Police stationed at checkpoints across the country will make daily reports on traffic conditions and report the number of accidents to the Traffic Police Department.
As part of their accident reports, they must include precise details and give a clear description of the primary cause of the incident.

The Traffic Police Department has also arranged for teams to handle emergency calls and other situations as they arise, deal with accidents, and coordinate rescue efforts to assist people who have been injured.