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5 Reasons to Study Lao Online

by Nathan Cole

So you’re in Laos, but are having trouble communicating with the locals and not sure where to begin? Or, have you started a Lao language study program but felt like you’re spinning your wheels?

When I arrived in Laos over fifteen years ago the Lao language kept calling my name, but I faced some big obstacles. For one, I held down a job at a local engineering firm that didn’t give me much free time. Then my language learning budget constrained my options. Lastly, I didn’t know where to start.

The lessons I learned through my own experiences and those gained through starting and running several businesses in Laos have helped me to start the Modern Learning Center, teaching Lao to expats online. Here are five reasons why you should consider learning Lao online, and if you do, I hope you consider Modern.


Study anywhere – Learn with Modern at your house, office, café or restaurant, even in the field or while traveling abroad. Never let your location get in the way of progress.

Set your own schedule – Lessons run in 25 minute or one hour increments. Combine lessons for more intensive study or spread out depending on your schedule. With morning, daytime, and evening appointments, find the time that works for you. If you have a dynamic schedule, just work with the tutor to adjust your times as needed.


Save money – Modern rates in 2021 start at just 25,000 KIP per lesson which works out to roughly a 90% savings compared to embassy rates. One on one language instruction this affordable didn’t even exist fifteen years ago. We’ve pulled out the stops, lowered our overhead, and streamlined the process to make your language instruction the best it can be while still being kind to your wallet.

Save time – Zero travel time to your class means more hours to do the things you really want to do, not spending time stuck in Vientiane traffic or getting pulled over for missing that hidden traffic sign. Learn with Modern and earn time to do what you really want.


Modern’s language learning program is flexible, allowing you to target your personal language learning goals. Love the markets? Study the market module. Work in an office? Learn the terms you need to know. Want to travel Laos while staying locally connected? Learn the phrases that will open doors. Stay focused on what you need by taking advantage of the flexible Modern program and make your interests the object of your studies.

Experience direction in whatever path you choose—Modern has programs for volunteers, consultants, and even a GPA-based program for those who expect to be in Laos longer or need to gain a higher level of reading and communication skills. Finally, experience a language program designed for you!


Move past the monotonous bore of language learning and find enjoyment in the process. We use interactive online methods that keep you engaged, learning about culture as well as language, and (hopefully) laughing. Even if you’re allergic to language study, we hope you will enjoy Modern’s engaging teachers.


These days, in person language learning plans are often disrupted, making a mess of your schedule and learning goals. With Modern, you can stay safe and still have a consistent study schedule.

Not feeling well but want to press through? You’re covered. Worried about heading to a public place like a school for class? You’re covered. Need to quarantine for an upcoming trip? You’re covered!

That’s it, five reasons to study online with Modern. Click here to fill out your interest form or send a WhatsApp note to + 856-20-5909-0776 (WhatsApp only).