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7eleven to Open 5 Stores in Laos in Mid-2023

Source: The Star

CP ALL Laos, a subsidiary of Thailand’s CP ALL Public Company, will open five 7-Eleven convenience stores in the cities of Vientiane Capital, Luang Prabang, and other provinces, according to Prachachat.

Korsak Chairasmisak, CEO and President of CP ALL Public Company in Thailand, said the company intends to establish over 700 franchises in the region with an investment of approximately THB 12 billion to 13 billion.

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“The opening of the Laos branch has been delayed due to the country’s economic problems with inflation and currency depreciation. However, the situation has improved, and the company hopes to open its first franchise by mid-2023,” sais Korsak, Thailand’s CP ALL CEO and President.

Following the franchise agreement signing between CP ALL Laos and Thailand’s CP ALL Public Company in 2020, the popular American convenience store chain was originally supposed to open the first 7-Eleven store in Laos in 2022.

Several Thai companies had earlier entered the Lao market with PTT Public Company Limited, one of Thailand’s largest fuel distributors, using its petrol station franchise model to establish branches of Rimping Supermarket, Cafe Amazon, and Jiffy convenience stores in Laos. – Laotian Times