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85 People Die in Road Accidents in February

Source: Vientiane Times

A total of 85 people died and 997 others were injured in road traffic accidents in February, with 624 accidents recorded across the country last month, according to the Traffic Police Department.

However, these figures were much lower than statistics recorded in January, when 29 more people died and 363 more were injured.

The report from traffic authorities suggested that the two main causes of road accidents in February were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and speeding. Most accidents occurred between 5PM and midnight, with the highest figures recorded on Fridays and Saturdays.

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The majority of accidents involved drivers aged 16-30, followed by those in the 31-50 age group. Their occupations were mostly listed as a laborer, traders, or students.

Authorities also reported an increase in traffic accidents involving people from other countries. Vietnamese tourists were most often involved in an accident, followed by Thai and Chinese tourists.

Vientiane recorded the highest number of accidents in February, followed by Champassak and Savannakhet provinces. On Sunday, six people were injured when a flatbed truck drove off the road and rolled down a hill at Lak 44 village between Xay district in Oudomxay province and Nambak district in Luang Prabang province.

The injured people were all from the same family and came from Nadeuay village in Luang Prabang province. They were treated at the scene by an emergency rescue team from Oudomxay province’s Red Cross branch before being taken to Luang Prabang provincial hospital.