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AIMC Clinic Enters Agreement With Thai International Hospital

Alliance International Medical Centre in Vientiane has joined hands with Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand to provide healthcare services for people from Laos.

The memorandum of understanding signing ceremony took place in Vientiane on Tuesday between President of Alliance International Medical Centre Dr Khanchai Kiatsrithanakorn and the CEO of Bumrungrad International Hospital Mr Mack Banner. It was attended by various government officials and representatives from other organisations.

AIMC Clinic Enters Agreement With Thai International Hospital

Under the agreement, patients in Laos including Lao people and foreign expatriates who wish to go for treatment at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok can register through Alliance International Medical Centre.

The Alliance International Medical Centre will facilitate arrangements for patients to receive treatment at Bumrungrad International Hospital including calculating the treatment costs. Bumrungrad International Hospital will then provide patient transfer services from the nearest Thai airport.

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The Alliance International Medical Centre has served Lao society for three years since opening in July 2011. The centre is run in partnership by the New Chip Xeng Group and Wattana Hospital Group.

The demand for quality healthcare is growing in Laos, leading to an increase in the numbers of people crossing the border to seek treatment in Thailand. The joint cooperation between the Alliance International Medical Centre and Bumrungrad International Hospital will create a new option for people when it comes to their medical treatment.

Dr Khanchai said “Our mission is to deliver quality international standard healthcare in Vientiane so people do not need to cross over to Thailand for minor symptoms.”

“What you see today is the 1st phase of our hospital project, which is the outpatient clinic. This is the capacity building phase. We are preparing ourselves for phase 2, the building of the in-patient wards. In serving the needs of our patients we require linkages with world class medical institutions to treat complex cases.

Bumrungrad International Hospital is among the most popular medical destinations in the world. It is a place that people in Laos recognise as a destination for critical healthcare needs, according to Alliance.

Source: Vientiane Times & AIMC