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Almost 9,000 Newly Registered Vehicles in Only Two Months

Source: KPL

There have been almost 9,000 newly registered vehicles in the first two months of this year thanks to ongoing socio-economic growth.

The Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department disclosed this week that in only two months from January to February, there were 8,972 newly registered vehicles bringing the total number of newly registered vehicles in Vientiane Capital to 807,991 units since 2000.

Newly registered vehicles this year comprise 5,642 motorcycles, 808 sedans, 483 pick-up trucks, 489 jeeps, 119 vans, 406 heavy trucks and 25 buses.

In the whole year of 2016, there were over 69,000 newly registered vehicles.

The purchasing volume of vehicles increased due to the increase of civil servants’ monthly salary, the authority of the department claimed.

As a result, the increase of vehicles has worsened ongoing traffic jams and road accidents in Vientiane Capital.

Last year, more than 1,000 road accidents were reported nationwide.