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Armed Robbers Attack Woman In Sikhottabong, Vientiane

Source: Vientiane Times

A group of seven men robbed a 30-year-old woman in Dongnaxok-neua village, Sikhottabong district, Vientiane, in the early hours of Tuesday, after holding her up at gunpoint.

Police said the assault on the woman began at about 1:30am on May 17 as she was leaving a restaurant near the Mekong River.

She was walking towards her SUV in the parking lot when four men carrying guns stopped her. They tied her hands and gagged her and ordered her to take them to her house.

When they reached the house, the men demanded that she open a safety deposit box, from which they removed numerous valuables, including gold.

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Before the men were able to flee the scene, the woman’s father, who was asleep upstairs, woke up and confronted the robbers.

Bother parties fired shots from their guns but nobody was injured.

CCTV cameras installed at the house recorded the attack and showed the seven men fleeing the scene in a pick-up and a car.

Police at the Vientiane Public Security Headquarters are working with police in Sikhottabong district to track down the robbers.

The use of guns to commit crimes in Vientiane is becoming increasingly common, with most incidents occurring at night.

Many people are concerned about robbery and the topic has become a hot issue on social media, with members of the public urging the police to locate and arrest the latest group of attackers.