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Authorities to Crack Down on the Noise From Entertainment Venues

Source: Vientiane Times

Vientiane authorities are once again attempting to tackle the problem of noise emanating from restaurants and nightclubs, which has drawn public complaints, as well as resolving the problem of unauthorized signage.

The issues were discussed at a meeting chaired by the Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism, Mrs. Suanesavanh Vignaket, and the Mayor of Vientiane, Dr Atsaphangthong Siphandone.

Director of the Vientiane Information, Culture and Tourism Department, Ms. Vilayvone Chanthalaty, said local residents had frequently made complaints to the National Assembly hotline about the noise generated by restaurants and places of entertainment, especially during festivals.

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It was also noted that some places stayed open beyond the statutory closing time and allowed patrons to use drugs.

The meeting also reviewed complaints from local residents about illegal forms of signage, saying that in the daytime the lettering on some signs appeared in Lao and a foreign language but at night only the illuminated foreign words were displayed.

These were all longstanding problems that city authorities had so far failed to resolve, Ms. Vilayvone said.

The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism and city authorities carried out inspections at restaurants and places of entertainment last month, aiming to formulate a plan to put an end to the problems.

They are now drafting a document in relation to these issues, hoping to resolve them on a permanent basis, Ms. Vilayvone added.

Mrs. Suanesavanh suggested that restaurants that play music or have live bands should separate dining and entertainment areas, as well as make improvements to these areas.

The minister also instructed the Tourism Management Department to prepare a draft notice outlining the legalities relating to the operation of restaurants and entertainment venues throughout the country.

She also said that if officials find that a business does not have a license, the owner must be given a written warning.

The minister also instructed the Vientiane Information, Culture, and Tourism Department to collect detailed information about the operations of restaurants and entertainment venues as a reference for drawing up future legislation.