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Berliner Bär Restaurant: Pork Knuckle, Sauerkraut and Paulaner Beer

With Germany winning the first 2 group matches of Euro 2012, I was quite ecstatic and impressed with anything German. Hence, this led to my craving for anything of German nature which subsequently led me to the Berliner Bär Pub for one of my dinners.
This establishment not far from the main road and near to Patuxay is set on a residential neighbourhood which not many expatriates would have been aware of due to its obscure location as well as the fact that it is also a house-turned restaurant (map).

Upon my entry into the restaurant with one of my buddy, we were greeted by the waitress who ushered us to the far corner of the house where a small table awaited us. After having seated, the waitress brought us two menus which were well illustrated with photographs of German fare comprising of mainly the famous German sausages, meatballs and the potato salad.

Having contemplated for at least ten minutes, we decided to have a go at the Berlin curry wurst with potato salad and pork knuckle with French fries and sauerkraut. While awaiting our dinner we decided to also quench our thirst with German beer while admiring the the layout of the restaurant.

Berliner Bär Restaurant: Paulaner Beer
German Paulaner Beer

Upon my scrutiny, I did notice that the walls hardly displayed anything German unlike typical restaurants. Neither was there any German music or other paraphernalia. However, after a few sips of fine Paulaner beer they hardly made any difference as I was here to relish the triumph of Germany.

Berliner Bär Restaurant: Berlin curry wurst with potato salad
Berlin curry wurst with potato salad

After both our dishes arrived I immediately tucked into the Berlin curry wurst with potato salad for my first assessment. The sausage was indeed firm, perfect and juicy while the cold potato salad with pickles in creamy white sauce was just as good.

Berliner Bär Restaurant: pork knuckle with French fries and sauerkraut
pork knuckle with french fries and sauerkraut

However, I begged to differ after tasting the 2nd dish whereby the meat was undercooked, the sauerkraut tasted definitely pre-cooked prior to our visit and the fries were cold. We had expected the fries to be at least warmer since the 2nd dish arrived long after the 1st dish was served. In addition, my buddy had to dip the fries into the potato salad just for a better taste. My disappointment at the 2nd dish was however made-up by the fabulous German beer and good company.

After an hour of lazing with my pint of beer and having watched my buddy laboriously chewing his meat while finishing up every morsel of food on the plates I do recommend that this restaurant be visited to any German beer aficionados. With Euro 2012 fever still lingering for another couple of weeks I will definitely attempt to try German food again.

Auf Wiedersehen !!