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Best Pizza In Vientiane

Most people would agree that pizza is one of the best comfort foods an expat can have when longing for a slice of home. But at the same time there is nothing worse than a disappointing pizza experience.

Here we have listed a few of our personal favourites. This is an issue of much contention and frequent disagreement between expats so this is just our personal opinion. If you disagree with our choices or feel like we’ve over looked your favourite pizza place then let us know !

Pizza Da Roby

Facebook / Map / 020 59 989 926

First on the list is the iconic Pizza Da Roby, or simply PDR for those in the know. Having been in Laos for a long time this well established restaurant has earned itself a well deserved reputation for classical excellence. Run by Italian born Robbie, this excellent restaurant specialises in classical simplicity with high quality ingredients. Most pizzas have no more than four ingredients and often feature imported italian products such as prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella.

For those wishing to make a visit it is strongly recommended to make a reservation. The restaurant is not huge but is very popular, especially on weekends. For those looking to enjoy a night at home with a hot pizza, delivery is available through the Chompa app

Soul Kitchen

Facebook / Map / 020 56 120 804

Another popular choice for expats is the long running Soul Kitchen. Run by a Italian couple, this popular restaurant has been feeding hungry expats for years. Its pizzas are some of the best in town and some of the biggest. Many of the Soul Kitchen pizzas are inspired by classic recipes and some of their more interesting choices are inspired by classic and cult films.

For those looking to visit it is a good idea to call ahead and make a reservation. The restaurant is very popular, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. For those looking to enjoy a night at home with a hot pizza, delivery is available through Chompa

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The Italian Job

Facebook / Map / 020 52 960 646

A newer addition to the restaurant scene in Vientiane, the Italian Job has only been open for a few years. In that time it has managed to build a reputation as a great choice for both dining in a delivery. An excellent selection of imported italian and and local ingredients are used to create simple but delicious pizzas which are cooked in a real wood fired oven. Italian Job also offers a great selection of pastas and salads.

This restaurant is a great option for families as their outdoor seating area features a grass play area with a small playset. Perfect for parents to sit and enjoy a glass of italian wine while the kids play nearby. Delivery is also available through Chompa

Tyson’s Kitchen

Facebook / Map / 021 255 272

A popular destination for younger people and travellers, located in the heart of the downtown Mekong Area, this Canadian/Lao restaurant offers a wide range of options including some great wood fired pizzas. Inspired by North American cuisine some of their pizza options include ‘Mac ‘N Cheese’, the ‘Canadian Please’ which comes with a side of maple syrup, or the ‘Hawaiian’ (ham and pineapple) – which is always a great way to start robust discussion with an Italian.

Dine in at their popular downtown location and try their signature Canadian Curling Club cocktail (Canadian Club whiskey and maple syrup) or get your pizza delivered through Chompa

Ai Capone

Facebook / Map / 020 59 910 888

An upscale Italian restaurant that features a wide range of classic italian dishes using the highest quality local and imported ingredients. As well as pasta, salads, risotto and gnocchi Ai Capone also offers a wide selection of excellent pizzas using classic ingredients. Some personal favourites include the ‘Pizza Dello Chef Originale’ – buffalo milk mozzarella, tomato, parma ham, rucola, parmesan cheese or ‘4 Formaggi’ – white pizza with four imported Italian cheeses.

Popular with the well to do and located in the heart of downtown this upmarket restaurant can be popular at times. However for those looking to get it delivered you can use the Chompa app.

What do you think? Did we list your favourite or is there somewhere new that we should try? Let us know at info@jclao.com if you think there is somewhere we overlooked!

by David Ormsby, copyright J&C Services 06/2020