Businessman, Driver Survive Hail Of Gunfire

Two men have survived a shooting on Friday night, Vientiane Police Office confirmed on Tuesday.

One of the victims was Tong Homsombath, a well known businessman who heads up Tong Construction Company. The car carrying the businessman and his driver was attacked while they were leaving a venue on Kamphaengmeuang road in the evening of February 20. Mr Tong was fortunate to survive unscathed while his driver took three shots to the right arm.

The businessman is a well-known resident of Nongtha Neua village in the Chanthabouly district Vientiane. He is known as a young and successful entrepreneur who has been involved in charitable works.

Deputy Chief of the Interrogative and Investigative section of the office, Major Amay Luangpakdy, explained that the pair was lucky to survive the incident. Major Amay said gangsters riding two motorcycles were lying in wait in front of the venue to launch a surprise attack.

“When his car came out from the restaurant to the road the gangsters started to fire at the car’s windows targeting the right front seat in front but luckily Mr Tong was sitting in the rear seat and could hide himself on the floor of the car.”

Businessman, Driver Survive Hail Of GunfireHe added that generally the right front seat would be occupied by a bodyguard, but on that day was vacant.

According to his account, Mr Tong told friends that it was the truth that there was somebody who would like to kill him but he still did not understand the reason why they wanted to do so. He noted on his status that his was a flourishing business but in a competitive sector where it was not always simple to be successful.

There had been so many rumours, but on Friday he learnt firsthand the extent of the danger lurking in society. Mr Tong added at the end of the message that he wanted a peaceful resolution and forgiveness to the person or people behind the attack.

Meanwhile, official investigations into the incident continue.

Major Amay said shootings were a terrible action against society so officials have promised to cooperate with involved sectors to identify perpetrators and related persons to resolve the investigation in the near future.

“We are also looking at the bullets. We know the gangsters were using rifles not pistols but we are still not sure what kind,” Major Amay said.

Vientiane Police Office reported that there had been two previously reported gunfire incidents in the city so far in 2015. The first was at Pakngeum district Vientiane where one person was shot and killed in a robbery. The second was at an entertainment venue in Sikhottabong district where two persons were killed.

Source: Vientiane Times