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Canadian Man Dies At Wattay International Airport

Vientiane Police Office reported last week that a Canadian man was found dead on the second floor of Wattay International Airport, Vientiane, on Thursday morning.

Chief of the office’s scientific crime sector, Major Amay Luangpakdy, said investigators found the deceased, aged 28, with three stab wounds to his body, including his stomach, left chest area and the right side of his neck.

The stab wound to the right side of his neck had pieced an artery, which police determined as the fatal wound which led to his bleeding to death.

Canadian Man Dies At Wattay Airport

Police said airport staff reported that a man travelling from Vietnam via Vietnam Airways was supposed to transit onwards to Thailand via Thai Airways.

Airport staff said he arrived at Wattay International Airport on the afternoon of January 21.

The man was scheduled to fly to Bangkok at about 9pm the same evening and had checked into the terminal and was waiting to board the onward flight.

Major Amay said some passengers on the flight from Vietnam reported that the man was acting strangely and some of the passengers scheduled to board the plane to Bangkok with him had refused to embark.

“Later, the man was asked to stay outside the terminal and then some problems occurred. He was asked to stay outside the airport as it was closed by then. It was about 1am on January 22,” Major Amay said.

He said the man did not obey the directions of security and then started to make trouble by damaging some of the shops.

“The security guards said he smashed up a drinks store and then got a small knife and stabbed himself,” Major Amay said.

Officials are still investigating the cause of the problems and will have the man’s blood analysed to find out if he had consumed any illicit or mind altering substances.

Other agencies have called an urgent meeting to find out why the man was not allowed to board the flight.

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