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Just Scan To Pay: S’pore And 4 SEA Countries To Link QR Code Payments By Nov, Bypassing USD

The central banks of five Southeast Asian (SEA) countries have agreed to link their payment systems by November of this year, in order to allow for easier transactions for travellers within the region.

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BOL Issues Licences For Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

The Bank of the Lao PDR (BOL) has issued licences authorising two companies to trade in cryptocurrencies, namely Lao Digital Assets Exchange (LDX) and Bitqik.

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Can Lao Move To A Digital Economy?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a train that you either get on or you’ll find yourself being left far, far behind.

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Work Completed On Laos’ Third Longest Tunnel For Railway Link With China

Work on the country’s third longest tunnel at Namor district in Oudomxay province, which is part of the Laos-China Railway Project and has a length of 9020 metres, has been completed.

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Onboarding New Marketing Clients

J&C Marketing is glad to welcome Phanthamit Analytical Lab, The Spirit House, and Davina Furniture as our new clients. We are delighted to work for them and help them strengthen their marketing efforts.

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The Changing Landscape of TV In Laos – Don’t Leave Your Favourite TV Show Behind

Finding your home comforts in Laos isn’t always easy. Your favourite TV shows, however, are not out of reach!

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Telephone Number Registry Checks Planned

A planned review of all mobile telephone numbers registered for use via the nation’s mobile SIM cards is to be led by the Ministry of Post and Communications aiming to ensure records are up to date.

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Four Foreign Companies Ink Deals For Use Of Lao Satellite

Four foreign companies have signed agreements to rent Laos’ first telecommunications satellite (Lao Sat-1) while many other companies have also expressed interest and will monitor the operations of the satellite.
Over the previous year, many foreign companies expressed interest in signing a Memorandum of Understanding to …

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Ministry Bans Sale Of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications announced on Tuesday that shops and mobile phone distributors nationwide are to stop importing and distributing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.
The ministry also instructed retailers to recall any Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones they had sold previously.
An assistant at LTH Samsungt old that sales of the phone had not been discontinued at the ….

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Apple Makes Splash With Waterproof iPhones

Apple on Wednesday set out to make a splash with new waterproof iPhones, a smartphone game starring Nintendo’s beloved “Mario” and a push on wireless headphones
The iPhone 7 and larger iPhone 7 Plus, with new camera technology, improved water resistance and other features, were shown off to applause at an Apple media event in San Francisco.
The flagship devices will be sold at …

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Thai NBTC To Register Lao Mobile Phone Users

The NBTC and Laos’s Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPT) signed an agreement in February to cooperate on telecoms cooperation issues.
The NBTC will invest Bt7 million for the system, which will allow mobile phone users to use their fingerprint and ID to register via applications for mobile phones, tablets and …

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Ensuring Satellite Benefits A Challenge For Laos

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has noted that the biggest challenge for Laos’ first satellite is to ensure it can gain as much benefit from the space asset as it can after LaoSAT1 was handed over to the government.
The minister stressed the importance of gaining the maximum benefits for the country from the satellite. “In particular, in the economic sense, how can we make profits in order to pay off the ……

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Community Radio in Laos

It has been a long day for Community Radio Volunteer Ms. Mouddala Keonheun. By the time she arrives at the Lakonepheng Community Radio Station, the sun is already starting to set on the small, square building, rising solidly out of a sparse cow and goat paddock in the south of Laos.
Mouddala is a teacher at the local school. Every day after class she loads her ….

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Magical Laotian Town Preserved By UNESCO Loses Its Soul

It is officially described as the best-preserved city in Southeast Asia, a bygone seat of kings tucked into a remote river valley of Laos. Luang Prabang weaves a never-never land spell on many a visitor with its tapestry of French colonial villas and Buddhist temples draped in a languid atmosphere.
But most of the locals don’t live here anymore. They began an exodus from this seeming Shangri-La after their hometown was listed a ….

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Lao Satellite To Go Into Orbit This Month

Laos’ first telecommunications satellite (Lao Sat-1) will be launched into orbit on November 21 to spur many facets of development and industry.
The satellite, which is owned by the Lao Sat-1 Joint Venture Company, will be part of a network of satellites in Laos and overseas that provide various communication services.
It will enhance communication links for government work, television …..

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Deadline For Thai SIM Card Registration !

Anyone that has a prepaid SIM in their Thai mobile MUST register their SIM card until next Friday, 31st of July. Failure to do so means your mobile number will unable to use data or make calls when the deadline passes.
Here’s a gentle reminder if one were needed that you have until next Friday the 31st of July to register your prepaid mobile phone number with your operator.
If you don’t, you’ll be unable to make calls or use ….

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Facebook Messenger Expands Free Video Calling Worldwide

Last month, Facebook launched a free video calling feature in its Messenger app so you can set up face-to-face conversations with your family and friends with just one tap. Facebook Messenger’s video calling feature started in 18 countries, including Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Laos, Lithuania, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, the U.K., the U.S. and Uruguay.
Facebook Messenger’s free video calling feature has now rolled out worldwide, according to ……

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Lao Apple Watch To Run 15 Minutes Fast

Lao versions of the new Apple Watch are set by default to run 15 minutes faster than those sold in Western territories, according to Apple’s latest press releases in Vientiane today.
Apple have become aware of Lao people’s propensity to turn up late to events, and have decided to try and influence the country to become more punctual.
An Apple spokesman said, “When we expanded our operations into Asia back in ……

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New Decree Prohibits Online Criticism of Lao Government Policies

Laos has issued a new law prohibiting online criticism of the government and the ruling communist party, according to state media, setting out stiff penalties for netizens and Internet service providers who violate controls.
The 28-point decree makes Laos the latest Southeast Asian country to implement tough new laws governing use of the Internet.
Under the decree, which will take effect on Oct. 1, netizens will face criminal charges for publishing ….

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Typing Lao In An Open Source Office Suite

LibreOffice, an open source office suite, is getting ready to release the upcoming version 4.3, bringing many new improvements.
One thing that you may not be aware of is that for some time now (since version 4.2), LibreOffice has native word detection support for Lao, a difficult feature to implement correctly. This allows for dynamic word-breaking, spell-check, and word count features in Lao that traditionally have not been possible with most office suites in the past without …..

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Fast & Secure With New Top-Notch Hosting Provider: J&C Website

J&C Services is growing fast …. in order to keep up with the increasing traffic on our website we decided to move to a top-notch, fully managed hosting provider.
Our customers & visitors as well as our advertising sponsors will benefit from faster loading pages in a fully secured environment. Our host offers automatic security updates, daily backups, one-click restore points, automatic caching, top-tier security, and many more features.
Now we dare to say that our website has become hacker proof !
Our website always being accessible and offering high speed is ….

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Inappropriate Facebook Use Could Be Blocked

Internet users who use social media such as Facebook to circulate false information or any use targeting to disrupt social order or undermine security could have their accounts blocked, a minister has said.
The technical officials are working in an attempt to block false information and some accounts that target to tarnish the reputation of individuals, disrupt social order, and tarnish the image of the country and the government.
Facebook has rapidly become popular among users worldwide and in Laos. The number of Lao Facebook users has more than doubled from ….

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No Fast Solution For 3G Improvement

Telecommunications companies in Laos need to increase the number of towers to improve high-speed third generation (3G) internet services for customers.
According to a 3G engineering official from a telecom company, who spoke to Vientiane Times yesterday and didn’t want to be named, slow 3G internet in Laos was due to a lack of capacity, meaning there is a lack of towers to serve customers.
“It requires a large amount of money to enlarge the 3G service infrastructure and this is what some ….

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First Lao Satellite To Launch In 2015

On-the-ground work on a Lao satellite project kicked off last week, with the expectation of launching the country’s first satellite into orbit by 2015.
A groundbreaking ceremony to mark the beginning of construction of a satellite station took place on Friday in Hadxaifong district, Vientiane. Construction of the station is part of the first Lao satellite project (Lao Sat – 1), previously reported to be running at a cost of more than US$250 million.
The state-owned project will be developed with loan money from China, according to a Ministry of Post and Telecommunication senior official in charge of the project. It was previously reported the loan would also ….

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Nationwide Fibre Optic Network Set For Completion

A nationwide project to install an underground fibre optic network is set for completion late this month, and will significantly advance telecommunications infrastructure in Laos.
Officials in charge are now finalising the Lao National Transmission Backbone Network project. The state-funded project, developed by the Ministry of National Defence, is set to provide advanced services within the telecommunications sector in Laos.
It is also expected to generate considerable revenue for the state budget by providing services to businesses, which are large consumers of telecommunications services.
“Some companies have ….

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Laos Wants Teachers, Students To Boost English, IT Skills

The Laotian Ministry of Education and Sports and IIG Education are working together to boost English-language proficiency and information-technology skills among teachers and students to international standards.
The Ministry of Education and Sports will recognise TOEFL primary for use in the current English proficiency assessment system for primary school students in Laos.
The ministry will also approve TOEFL junior for use among lower secondary students, and TOEFL iBT or TOEIC for assessing English proficiency of higher school students aiming for admission to foreign …..

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“Talking Tom Cat” Gets Show Of Its Own

“Talking Tom Cat”, a new talk show to be hosted by well-known singer Phailath Thammavongsa, also known as as “Bob Freeman,” or Bob, will be held at the Lao-Japanese Budo Centre in Vientiane Capital from 21-22 February.
The show will be co-produced by Managing Director of Miracle Lao, Mr Chirasa k Saysanith, and Mr Bob, a singer of KPY Entertainment.
Mr Bob said that his posting a video clip showing a Talking Tom Cat, by using a …….

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New Lao Guide Magazine Hits the Shelves

Sabaidee Magazine, one of Laos’ most popular travel and lifestyle publications, has revamped its design and content to incorporate a new 22-page listings section that can be used as a country guide by locals, expatriates and those passing through on holidays or business.
The new listings detail the best places to eat, drink, shop, sleep and relax in the main cities and visitor hotspots throughout Laos. Sabaidee also outlines a host of activities in their See & Do section that families, couples or friends can get up to.
Another desirable facet of the magazine is the extensive section reviews. Sabaidee’s writers regularly venture out to discover the newest, trendiest and most standout spas, eateries, entertainment venues, shops and ……

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Are You Being Watched Through Your Webcam?

A few clicks of the mouse, and your webcam is activated and ready to be used. But have you considered the possibility that someone else could be watching you through your own webcam? The thought of this probably sends chills down your spine, and it should, as this is very real- and extremely creepy.
Hackers utilize a type of software called remote access tool (RAT) that allows them to remotely access a computer as if they were physically there. Though RATs were designed for legal purposes, like allowing a technician to remotely access a user’s computer to troubleshoot problems without having to physically be there, hackers exploit this to …..

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Lao Govt To Regulate Social Media Networks

The government is drawing up regulations to govern online social media in a move to ensure internet users utilise social networking websites in a constructive manner, a senior official has said.
New regulations that would enable officials to check on those posting incorrect or inappropriate information and photos were expected to come into force this year.
Those found posting incorrect or inappropriate information or pictures would be warned and, if the case lead to serious consequences or was regarded as sensitive, the offenders would be …..

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Learn Lao Language On Android

Scrolling through my phone’s app store, I discovered this very cool app teaching the basic of the Lao language.
The developer, Santi Anousaya, created this new app to assist and promote the learning of Lao basic alphabets, vowels, and numbers, all based on 1st grade learning materials. Santi adds that more learning materials (e.g. composite alphabets, composite vowels, accents, etc.) will be added in a future version.
It’s easy to use, not only you can see the Lao letters, but hear the ….

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‘Our Lives On Film’, Mastering The Art Of Documentary Filmmaking

Countries with a less developed film industry such as Laos usually have a stronger documentary scene. Producing documentaries costs less than producing movies. But is not the only reason for this interest in real life storytelling.
There were twelve Lao filmmakers eager to be trained and learn more about the art of documentary filmmaking. The workshop held from September 14th to September 22nd was organized by the LuangPrabang Film Festival and instructed by the Humanitarian Media Agency (HUMA). It was all about this topic: giving the participants the tools to produce a good documentary film…..

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Cable Thai Holding To Enter Laos Market

Cable Thai Holding (CTH) has formed a joint venture in Laos with two local partners in a move to expand its market.
Kittsanan Ngampathipong, CTH chief executive officer, said the company signed a deal last week to form a joint venture to create CTH SSN Television (Laos) with Lao’s communications and broadcasting business TK Group and broadcaster SSN.
The joint venture will broadcast English Premier League matches as well as CTH’s own content in Laos. It will also enter the broadband Internet business. CTH is comprised of more than 300 cable-TV operators and provides of fibre-optic transmission and Internet broadband. Last year it surprised the market by snatching up the EPL broadcasting rights for …….

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iOS 7: Update Errors And Torturous Download Times ? Here’s Our Tip !

Apple has released its latest operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Of course you don’t need to upgrade to iOS 7 immediately. You can bide your time, ignore the hype and just skip the longish wait times you’re are likely to encounter downloading the update during these days. And yes, iOS 6 works fine and should continue to indefinitely. There’s nothing so pressing or fantastic about Apple’s mobile-OS makeover that your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch can’t live without it.
But … it’s a brand new version of iOS! While I personally don’t share your Christmas-in-September enthusiasm (I love my Samsung Galaxy), I can tell you don’t want to wait 🙂
Unfortunately many Apple users in Laos are facing update errors and torturous download times, no wonder, the size of the download is roughly a gigabyte. There is a better, faster and much cheaper way to get your iOS 7: …….

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Beeline’s Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) – A New Ultra Fast Internet Experience

Beeline proudly announced that they have deployed the first fiber-based broadband network, delivering ultra high speed internet connection to homes and offices in Vientiane. According to Beeline, the network is currently undergoing a rigorous testing phase and commercial launch of this exciting technology will be in October this year.
The deployment of the Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) network by Beeline makes Vientiane a member of an exclusive worldwide list of cities which has access to this cutting edge technology.
FTTH is a new technology that allows access to the internet and data transmissions up to 100 Mbps. With FTTH, everyone can get ….

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Ministry Takes Action Against Walkie-Talkies

The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications has moved to clamp down on the sale and use of walkie-talkies after learning businesses are selling the devices without a licence.
The ministry has announced it recently asked its Telecommunications Department to work with provincial offices and other relevant organisations to inspect and better regulate the use of two-way radio transceivers, better known as walkie-talkies.
Individuals and groups are prohibited from importing or using a walkie-talkie without permission. Owners of unregistered walkie-talkies must ….

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Lao Telecom to launch 4G services

The state-owned telecom operator Lao Telecommunications Company (LTC) will officially launch Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology or its 4G service in Laos within the next month.
“We will initially launch the 4G technology at 60 base stations in Vientiane. After this, we will expand the service to the provinces,” the LTC Director General Mr Thongsay Sanexaya said on Wednesday.
“Currently we are busy with the equipment and technology system installation that

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Email Hacked? Here Is What To Do

Your email account is not accepting your password. Your friends are asking how you got stranded in London and whether you got the money they wired. Your mother wants to know why you are sending out emails with nothing in it, but a link. Surprise, your email has been hacked.
Okay, so you are hacked. Now what? The first step is to regain control. If you are locked……

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Lao Font, Keyboard Ready For Use On Mobiles

A Lao font and keyboard are ready for use on android and iPhone operating systems (ios) this year after the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications and ICT companies joined forces to make this possible.
Laos will develop a programme to allow Apple, Google, Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft to permanently incorporate the Lao font and keyboard into their systems. “60 to 70 percent of ICT users have requested a Lao font for their mobile, especially smartphones, tablets and ios, so the ministry recognises the importance of using our language with this technology. They have worked with these companies to include it in their systems”…..

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Which Is The Best Mobile Phone Operator in Laos ?

When providing our Relocation / Welcome Service, one of the first questions asked by our clients is: “Which mobile phone operator should I choose ?”
A tricky question to answer. It usually depends where in Laos someone spends most of their time and what requirements they have. The main operators are Lao Telecom, ETL, Beeline (ex Tigo) and Unitel. Each provider has different grades & priorities of coverage, but I think it’s fair to say that ……

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Guru Shop – Sharing Technological Wisdom

Driving along Samsenthai road, the black building with white letters reading “Guru Shop” immediately caught my eye. Don’t tell me they opened a spiritual center, I joked to myself. Curious as I am, I turned around and entered the “temple of wisdom”, which turned out to be the latest Apple shop in Vientiane.

“Our goal is to introduce as many people as possible to new technologies and gadgets, and teach them how the gadgets can make their daily lives easier”, explains Eddie Savankham, the owner of Guru Shop.

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Lao Telecom Firms’ Price-Fixing To Secure Profits In 2012

Lao Telecom operators are forecasting higher earnings this year after agreeing to set the minimum mobile phone call rate at 800 kip per minute.

LTC, ETL, Star Telecom and VimpelCom Lao reached the agreement at the end of last year, saying call rates would not fall below the minimum except on special occasions. This has enabled them to revise their revenue growth forecasts for 2012.

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Beeline Remains Disconnected As Telecom Operators Maintain Boycott

VimpelCom, a major telecom firm operating under the Beeline brand name, yesterday tried to resume connections with other telecom networks in Laos but failed to do so.
Management from the Lao-Russian joint venture yesterday met with top officials from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in Vientiane, hoping to seek assistance from telecom authorities to enable Beeline subscribers to connect with the Lao Telecom, Telecom Lao and Star Telecom networks.
The failed connection has had a serious impact on all mobile phone users, who have been unable to contact Beeline subscribers.

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Internet Providers In Laos: What Comes Next ?

Laos has currently four telecom operators (Lao Telecom, Unitel, ETL and Tigo/Beeline) and one “internet only” provider (Planet).

3G internet is available for computers through USB 3G wireless Internet modems and for mobile phone users through 3G simcards. Lao Telecom and Unitel have offered 3G for several years, while ETL just recently launched its 3G services.

In telecommunications, 4G is the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards. It can provide at-home or mobile Internet access across entire cities or countries. Planet Computers is currently the only 4G provider, with connections being offered to Vientiane customers only

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