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Schools Prepare To Resume Face-To-Face Classes

Education authorities are assessing the readiness of schools in Vientiane to restart face-to-face classes in Grade 5 of primary schools and Grades 4 and 7 of secondary schools following months of closure due to the Covid outbreak.

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Summer Camps 2020 (Vientiane & Nearby)

We’ve made a compilation of some of the best and most popular camps happening in Vientiane and nearby to keep your little ones engaged over the summer break

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Summer Camps 2019 For Kids In Vientiane

Lots of parents are looking at what they can do with their children over summer. J&C Services has taken the hard work out of it and found the best summer camps happening here in Vientiane.

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Student Brawls Spark Outrage, Authorities Concerned

Over the last few months a new anti-social trend in Laos can be observed, with many videos being posted on social media: student brawls ! These videos show a group of young people beating up another person, using brutal force, often leaving the victims seriously injured.
The latest video showing students of the Vientiane Secondary School physically assaulting a fellow student has gone viral on ….

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Schools Tighten Security Amid Organ Trafficking Rumours

Schools in Vientiane have tightened security after rumours have spread suggesting human organ traffickers are active in Laos.
The rumour – heavily circulated through social media, notably Facebook – suggested a group of organ traffickers has been kidnapping children and young adults to trade their organs.
An official from the Ministry of Public Security told Vientiane Times yesterday the ministry has not received any reports of kidnapping for human organ trafficking.
“We can’t say right now if the rumour has grounds or is groundless. We are requesting guidance about further ….

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Ban On Bachelor Degrees In Private Colleges

The ban on bachelor degrees in private colleges is part of the Ministry of Education and Sport’s education reform initiative, while encouraging private colleges to meet the standards set by the ministry. The ban will continue until 2015, meaning that only those private colleges that improve and meet the standards required will be allowed to reopen their bachelor courses at some point in the future.
The current situation in Laos is that most school leavers want to enroll for a bachelor degree, with few people wanting to undertake vocational studies. The ministry wants to reverse this trend by encouraging more people to apply for vocational training to ensure sufficient skilled labourers to meet the needs of ……

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Mandarin Asserting Its Dominance In North Laos

On a research trip along the Laos-China border recently, I was struck by the number of Mandarin schools that have popped up in the small towns and villages that lead to the border, and the number of Laotian families that have chosen to send their children there to study Mandarin.
The reason for this shift in attitudes is simple enough: China is the biggest investor in Laos at present, and the might of China’s economy is keenly felt among the small population of Laos, who see hundreds of Chinese lorries and boats go down the highways and the Mekong river.
Entire communities have sprung up as a result, and along the border, new Special Economic Zones have emerged where Chinese businessmen and tourists flock…..

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My Time – Parent Networking Playgroup

Both Coordinators of My Time, Clarissa Power (Manager Kongkhao, BSW) and Jan Burgess (Early Childhood Teacher, B.Ed) are aware of the need for young families to socialise. With this in mind they are trialling a morning group that will cater for children under school age.
The aesthetically pleasing garden and children’s play area at Kongkhao Restaurant and Gallery provides the ideal atmosphere for socialising. Parents can come and relax, network and learn from each other as well as their children.
Topics of interest will be explored and discussed on a regular basis as …..

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