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New Roadmap To Drive Sustainable Wood Production, Exports

A new export roadmap for the wood processing sector will promote sustainable wood production and the export of wood products through the inclusion of more value-added products.

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Laos Could Lose Millions With Closure Of Boten Border Crossing

Laos may lose millions of dollars from lost exports to China now that Chinese authorities have closed the Boten International Checkpoint, a major travel and trade route between the two countries.

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Govt Pledges To Diversify Energy Sources To Minimise Imports

The government has vowed to diversify its sources of energy by developing solar, wind power and coal-fired power plants to address the electricity shortage in the dry season.

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Ministry Mulls Route Of Vientiane-Vietnam Expressway

The government is discussing the planned route of an expressway running from Vientiane through Xaysomboun, Xieng Khuang and Huaphan provinces to the Vietnamese border.

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Govt Extends Covid Controls But Keen To Open Schools, Factories

The government has in general extended Covid-19 control measures for another 15 days but has lifted some restrictions in order to ease the economic impacts, such as the reopening of more schools and factories.

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New Bokeo International Airport Expected To Be Completed In Months

The construction of new Bokeo International Airport with capability of accommodating 200-seat aircraft such as Airbus A320, Boeing 737 and ATR-72 is expected to take a few months to complete.

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Vientiane-Hanoi Expressway Under Study

The Lao and Vietnamese governments are considering the feasibility of building an expressway linking Vientiane to Hanoi, with assistance from the government of Japan.

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Opening Of New Office Building At J&C Group

Just after only 3 months of construction, the J&C Group teams were able to move into modern and bright offices. The new office building are designed to accommodate the various companies operating under the J&C Group umbrella.

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World Bank To Support Land Administration, Titling In Lao PDR

Land holders across Lao PDR, including some of the most vulnerable households, are expected to benefit from improved land administration and titling thanks to a project approved by the World Bank this week.

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J&C Insurance Brokers Recognized At Insurance Asia Awards 2021 As Broker Of The Year – Laos

Insurance Asia honours the most exceptional companies putting out solutions and delivering outstanding value to its stakeholders as it awarded over 100 insurance companies from 24 countries at the sixth Insurance Asia Awards.

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J&C Insurance Brokers To Provide Contractor’s All Risk Insurance For The New Korean Embassy!

The Korean government through Samwhan Lao Sole Co., Ltd trusts the professionalism and the high-end services provided by J&C Insurance Brokers.

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More Workers Needed For Lao Garment Industry

The garment industry in Laos requires more workers, both skilled and unskilled, with almost all garment factories in Vientiane now reopening as lockdown restrictions are lifted.

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Covid Restrictions Extended, Some Lifted To Ease Economic Impacts

The surge in imported cases of Covid-19 has prompted the government to extend the virus control measures outlined in Prime Ministerial Order No. 15 for another 15 days until August 3.

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Nam Theun 2 Shareholders, Govt Partner In World’s Largest Hybrid Floating Solar Project

The government and shareholders in the Nam Theun 2 hydropower plant have agreed to develop Nam Theun 2-Solar, the largest hybrid floating solar project in the world.

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First Laos Green Coffee Competition is Underway

The first green coffee competition ever to take place in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic is underway, part of a broad multi-stakeholder effort to boost the country’s agricultural sector and forge international market connections.

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State, Private Sectors Set Up Joint Venture Dry Port Company To Develop Lao Logistics

A joint venture agreement was signed in Vientiane on June 10 to establish Thakhek Dry Port Co Ltd, which will develop “Thakhek Dry Port” as a gateway for international goods and encourage Laos to become a regional and international logistics service centre.

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Laos Govt Approves Vientiane-Pakse Expressway Route Selection

The Lao government has recently approved the route selection for Vientiane-Pakse Expressway Project recommended by a Chinese engineering company.

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Vientiane-Pakxe Expressway Awaiting Govt Approval

Construction of the Vientiane-Pakxe expressway will go ahead after the government gives the green light for the proposed route, when feasibility studies on all sections of the highway will begin.

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Govt Tightens Travel Restrictions In Red Zones

The Ministry of Health has instructed authorities in 18 provinces to classify areas of Covid-19 outbreak into colour-coded zones as part of efforts to control the spread of the virus.

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Covid-19 Rules Updated, Some Strengthened, Others Eased

The government has intensified Covid-19 prevention and control restrictions, while easing some where appropriate, as it extends measures to contain the outbreak for another 15 days until June 4.

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Korea Airports Corporation To Enter Korea’s First Airport Development Project In Laos

The Ministry of Planning and Investment of Laos selected Korea Airports Corporation as a feasibility study provider for the Luang Prabang airport development project.

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Authorities Mull Policies To Ease Impacts Of Covid-19

A number of policies are being considered to mitigate the effects of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak on the economy and people’s livelihoods.

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J&C Insurance Brokers Awarded Agent Of The Year 2020

Once again rewarded as ‘Agent of the Year’, J&C Insurance Brokers was in 2020 performing at the highest level thanks to the support of the APA Insurance’ products!

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J&C Insurance Brokers Awarded Top Agent of Forte-Toko Assurance 2020

During the recent annual agent/broker celebration held by Forte-Toko Assurance, J&C Insurance Brokers was rewarded as Top Agent 2020.

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Ministry Seeks Changes To Expressway Toll, Currency Exchange Rates

The Investment Promotion Department of the Ministry of Planning and Investment has advised the Laos-China Joint Expressway Development Co., Ltd. to revise the toll rate currently charged for pick-up trucks and also the dollar-kip exchange rate

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Lao Economy Set to Recover If Threats Can Be Contained

While economic growth in the Lao PDR contracted in 2020 for the first time in over two decades, the economy is set to recover in 2021 and in the medium term, provided the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is contained and business can resume with trading partners

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Unemployment In Laos Soared By 20 Percent In 2020

The unemployment rate in Laos skyrocketed to 20 percent in 2020, a 10.6 percent increase compared to the figures for 2017, and the global Covid-19 outbreak was the main factor for the sharp increase in the number of jobless in the country.

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Lao Postal Enterprise Partners With Chinese Express Delivery Operator

Laos’ state-owned postal enterprise is looking forward to working with its newly-signed partner, ZTO Express, a China-based provider of services including express delivery, logistics and e-commerce, to upgrade the skills of IT personnel as well as build capacity in other areas.

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Expressway Operator Clarifies Toll Charges

All vehicles using the newly-opened Vientiane-Vangvieng expressway must pay the set toll rates, except in the case of an emergency or accident, when specially designated ambulances can enter free or charge.

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China-Laos Railway Tracks Laid To Luang Prabang, Achieving Yearly Goals

The China-Laos railway tracks have successfully extended from Lao capital Vientiane to northern Laos’ transport hub Luang Prabang on Tuesday, thus accomplishing all the construction targets set at the beginning of 2020.

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Laos Introduces Corporate Criminal Liability

Not only natural persons (individuals) but also legal persons, such as companies, NGOs, associations, and foundations operating in the Lao PDR, now face criminal liability under new legislation enacted by the government aimed at strengthening the rule of law in the country.

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“Made in Laos 2020” To Promote Economic Recovery After Covid-19 Crisis

The upcoming Made in Laos 2020 fair, to be held at Lao-ITECC in Vientiane from December 25 to January 3 next year, will be used as a platform to spur domestic consumption and to promote a range of “Made in Laos” goods.

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Can Lao Move To A Digital Economy?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a train that you either get on or you’ll find yourself being left far, far behind.

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J&C Insurance To Provide Property And Personal Accident Insurance For Tukata Day-Care Centers

The Personal Accident coverage is applicable to all children on their premises. With the skilled staff at Tukata and our comprehensive coverage in case of accident, your child is safe at all times.

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Coming soon! The Homes, Loans & Lifestyle EXPO – December 4, 5, 6 2020

The Homes, Loans, and Lifestyle Expo will see 100+ companies under one roof at the NCC in Vientiane Capital and is set to welcome 10,000+ guests from across Laos, the ASEAN region, and Mainland China

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Laos Set Its Own Debt Trap

‘Inadequate’ foreign exchange reserves, a widening current account deficit, contingent liabilities from public–private partnerships, poor governance — including weak institutional capacity and corruption controls — and constrained political freedoms that limit accountability have all contributed

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Laos To Launch Fast-Track Immigration Service For China Soon

Incomers are expected to spend a shorter time in quarantine; Authorities are also considering the use of electronic tracking devices

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Stakeholders Discuss Establishment Of Consumer Protection Association

Stakeholders from the public and private sectors as well as civil society met in Vientiane to discuss and exchange views on the establishment of a consumer protection association.

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Laos To Lose Favourable Trading Status After LDC Graduation

Laos could face a trade loss of US$102 million under the special tariff scheme if the country graduates from the UN’s Least Developed Country (LDC) status in 2024

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Foreigners Permitted To Purchase Limited Ownership Of Land-Use Rights – Amended Lao Land Law

Today sees the entry into force of the new Law on Land No. 70/NA dated 21 June 2019 (the “2019 Land Law”), which among other things, includes new provisions concerning the limited ownership of land-use rights by foreigners under certain circumstances, and the limited ownership of individual units in a condominium or apartment building.

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Vinamilk Poured An Additional $ 41 Million Into The Dairy Project In Laos

Vinamilk’s investment capital in Lao-Jagro has increased from 25.4 million USD to 66.4 million USD. Additional capital increased to build the first two farms in the complex of high-tech dairy farms in Laos.

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Top 3 Expos Of Laos Postponed To 2021 Due To Covid-19 Crisis

The organisers of the top three expos of Laos have announced that LaoBuild 2020, Lao Food & Hotel 2020 and LaoCafe 2020 have been rescheduled to June 17-19, 2021 in line with the government’s Covid-19-related restrictions.

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Laos Toughens Anti-Money Laundering Measures

Source: Vientiane Times The National Committee for anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) has reviewed the progress of preparations

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J&C Insurance To Provide Property Insurance For Villa Maydou And Maison Houng Chanh In Luang Prabang

The Villa Maydou Boutique Hotel is one of the most charming residences in Luang Prabang, where you can enjoy a traditional Laotian atmosphere.

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