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Anthony Bourdain And James Syhabout On The Cuisine You Don’t Know – But Should

You’ve probably tasted Laotian flavors and not even realized it. Anthony Bourdain and chef James Syhabout want to change that. Syhabout is the force behind two Michelin-starred restaurants, Commis and sister eatery Hawker Fare, which focuses on the Laotian cuisine of his childhood. Bourdain is the host of the popular travel and food show “Parts Unknown.” He calls Hawker Fare one of the most important restaurants he’s ever visited.

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Eat Street: Exploring Vientiane’s Street Snack Hot Spots

From scrumptious sweets to deliciously charred meat-on-a-stick, each afternoon around dusk multitudes of food carts converge to Vientiane’s kerbsides peddling cheap and flavourful eats to the hungry masses.
Sabaidee Magazine explores downtown Vientiane’s street eat hubs, samples some tasty on-the-go fare, and meets a few of the friendly faces behind some of our favourite snacks….

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Explosions Rock Vientiane’s Biggest Marketplace

Explosions were rocking Lao capital Vientiane’s biggest marketplace, Thong Khan Kham after a fire started at approximately 7:40 p.m. yesterday.
One shopkeeper, who operates a curtain shop on the street outside Thong Khan Kham told Xinhua that the fire broke out from a corner of the marketplace before spreading quickly around 7:40 p.m. The shopkeeper believed that not many people were injured in the blaze as the market closed just over an hour earlier at 6:30 p.m.
The fire has knocked out power for surrounding areas and locals were evacuating the ….

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Nam Phou: City Centre or Dumping Centre ?

Nam Phou, located in Vientiane’s city center, always has been a meeting place for local residents spending time relaxing and enjoying their free time. During French colonialism, the area was designed as a market before being developed into a fountain 50 years ago. One year ago, after being renovated, the Nam Phou fountain reopened to the public and international tourists.
Have you visited Nam Phou recently ? You will be surprised, guaranteed ! In every corner there are rubbish bags piling up and the public space is obstructed with metal structures for tents, wood and metal scrap. If that isn’t enough to scare of the visitors, the piled up chairs and tables (mostly all broken) will do the rest.
Before the redevelopment the Nam Phou was …..

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Serving Up Street Food

Looking to try some real authentic Lao street food? There’s no better way to find it than to wander up and down the night market at Dalat 450 Pi (four hundred and fifty years market).
This market features endless stalls selling all kinds of delicious and very fresh street food. As soon as you arrive you’ll be hit with a barrage of spicy scents and can literally follow your nose to the usual Lao fare such as

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Do You Like Nem Neung?

Nem Neung (sometimes spelled Nam Neuang or Nam Nuong) is a refreshing dish of Vietnamese origin that combines fresh salad, white rice noodles and pork sausages. Typically, local people in Laos will purchase their Nem Neung at a shop and take it back home to enjoy together.
A relatively new shop on Thadeua Rd at KM3, however, has a very clean restaurant where people have begun eating-in.

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Nice Buns!

If you love “sweet bread” as much as some, check out this bakery just before the roundabout on Dongpalan Rd (near the ACLEDA bank). They have all kinds of different buns; some with chocolate or tamarind fillings, some with coconut toppings and some with custard or red-bean fillings. All in all there are about 6 or 7 different bun varieties. One bun sells for just Kip 2,000 and if you purchase ten

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