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Schools Prepare To Resume Face-To-Face Classes

Education authorities are assessing the readiness of schools in Vientiane to restart face-to-face classes in Grade 5 of primary schools and Grades 4 and 7 of secondary schools following months of closure due to the Covid outbreak.

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Typing Lao In An Open Source Office Suite

LibreOffice, an open source office suite, is getting ready to release the upcoming version 4.3, bringing many new improvements.
One thing that you may not be aware of is that for some time now (since version 4.2), LibreOffice has native word detection support for Lao, a difficult feature to implement correctly. This allows for dynamic word-breaking, spell-check, and word count features in Lao that traditionally have not been possible with most office suites in the past without …..

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HIV/AIDS On The Rise In Laos

Despite a well-run domestic prevention and treatment programs in Laos, the overall incidence of HIV/AIDS in the country seemed to be going up, according to UNAIDS Country Coordinator for Laos Pascal Stenier.
“The number of new cases for last year is estimated to be one thousand, which is three new infections per day,” Stenier said
With the support of the Lao government, extensive prevention, testing, monitoring and treatment campaigns have been launched over the last decade. Stenier said he was very pleased with some recent progress in support for HIV-affected individuals with the Lao government’s official recognition of the Lao Network of People Living with HIV.

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