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Foreigners Permitted To Purchase Limited Ownership Of Land-Use Rights – Amended Lao Land Law

Today sees the entry into force of the new Law on Land No. 70/NA dated 21 June 2019 (the “2019 Land Law”), which among other things, includes new provisions concerning the limited ownership of land-use rights by foreigners under certain circumstances, and the limited ownership of individual units in a condominium or apartment building.

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Why It’s Time To Comply: Internal Regulations For Workplaces In Laos

The Labour Law (2013) came into effect on 28 October 2014, repealing and replacing the previous Labour Law (2006) and introducing a number of significant changes relating to the basic rules of employment in Lao PDR. As the Labour Law is now well into its third year in force, we consider one of its more significant yet often overlooked legal requirements for employers in Lao PDR – internal regulations or “work rules” of the workplace for employees.

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Officials Express Concern About Illegal Marriages

People of 47 different nationalities are married to Lao citizens, with most foreign partners coming from the three nations of Thailand, the Republic of Korea and China, according to figures from the Protection Police and Lao-Anti Trafficking Department.
Some 1,600 marriages involving Lao citizens and foreigners were recorded from 2012-2015. In 75 cases, foreign women …..

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Lao Government Appoints Committee to Enforce Timber Export Ban

Lao Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith this week appointed an ad hoc committee to enforce a nationwide ban on illegal logging within 60 days and block and prevent timber from leaving the country after some provinces were found to have violated a logging ban.
The committee consists of high-ranking officials from government inspection agencies and anti-corruption organizations, along with the ministries of …..

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Lao Labour Law Interpretation Needed

The calculation of severance pay, the use of foreign labour, and many other matters stipulated in the newly amended Law on Labour needed explanation to ensure the law was effectively enforced.
These issues were discussed on Friday in Vientiane between employers, government officials, and international experts to test the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI) labour code guides and training material.
The calculation of severance pay that is fixed to 10 percent of previous ……

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Foreign Drivers Should Understand Traffic In Laos: Police

Police authorities have asked foreign visitors to learn the traffic regulations in Laos before driving here in order to avoid road accidents.
The road accidents information sector from Vientiane Police Office reported on Tuesday that the number of road accidents in Vientiane involving foreigners is still low but stressed that they require foreign visitors to learn the Lao traffic regulations before driving here.
“It is still a low number but looking at the reality on the streets every day and you can see that there are several foreigners riding bicycles, motorcycles or even cars breaking the traffic regulations. If it stays like this the ….

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Nineteen Foreigners Granted Lao Nationality Last Year

Some nineteen foreigners were granted Lao nationality last year, reflecting a decline in applications to take up citizenship in recent years, a senior parliamentary official has said.
Nationals from five countries have made up the applications over the previous years, those being Vietnamese, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, and Thais.
However the numbers of applicants has decreased in recent years compared to a decade ago. In 2009, as many as ….

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Calls For Tough New Immigration Law: NA Members

National Assembly members want the newly drafted law on migration management to satisfy those who are concerned about the influx of people from neighbouring countries.
The issue was among those most raised by NA members when debating the draft law on migration yesterday.
Sharing her experiences, NA member for Vientiane Dr Buakham Thipphavon began by referring to blacklisted people, suggesting the relevant authorities check the background of foreign investors to prevent …..

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Merger Of McDonald Steed McGrath Lawyers Co Ltd With Australian Law Firm Arion Legal

McDonald Steed McGrath Lawyers Co Ltd has merged with Australian law firm Arion Legal, ( creating a strong and improved presence and capability in the Lao PDR, now under the new name “Arion Legal” (incorporating McDonald Steed McGrath Lawyers Co Ltd).
The merger will allow Arion Legal to leverage the strong …

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Laos To Under Take Census In 2015

The Lao Statistics Bureau (LSB) announced yesterday that it will commence preparations for the 2015 nationwide population census from this month onwards, with accurate population data critical to future development efforts.
A nationwide survey has typically been undertaken every ten years and next year’s census will be the fourth time that the LSB has undertaken the task. The survey will take place over the period from March 1-7, 2015.
For next year’s survey, foreigners who have lived in Laos for more than six months will be added into the statics. Local residents who are currently living, working or studying overseas will also be …

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Champassak To Shut Down 226 Foreign-Operated Shops

Up to 226 shops run by foreigners in Champassak province whose operations contravene regulations are expected to face shutdown within weeks, the provincial authority has announced.
The foreign merchants, most of whom are Vietnamese and Chinese, are undertaking jobs reserved for Lao people, according to the provincial Industry and Commerce Department.
They are running medical clinics, barber shops, game shops, and shops selling …..

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Thai Immigration Boss Confirms The Out-In Visa Run Is Dead

The national commander of Thai Immigration, Lt Gen Phanu Kerdlaphon, has confirmed that “Out-In” visa runs are – apart from a few exceptions – a thing of the past.
Speaking with The Phuket News this morning, Gen Phanu said, “We have been very lenient about this. I’ve had many comments about [our excessive leniency].”
Several factors have come together to kill off the tourist visa run. The first is fallout from the disappearance of …. .

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More Foreign Work Permits Granted Amidst Rising Labour Demand

The government granted more work permits to foreign workers last year amid rising demand for a larger labour force to drive national economic development.
The Lao National Economic Research Institute released its latest economic outlook recently, showing that the government granted work permits to 5,663 foreign workers in 2013 as part of efforts to secure the manpower needed by an increasing number of foreign investment projects.
About 54 percent of the workers which received the work permits were from ….

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One Million Land Titles By 2015 ‘Possible’ Despite Major Funding Gap: Minister

Laos reaching its target of issuing one million land titles by 2015 “is possible”, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Mr Noulin Sinbandith said on Friday.
Work on giving out land titles began in 1997 and since then around 730,000 have been issued.
“The ministry has assigned provinces to pursue the ambitious target [of issuing the remaining 270,000 titles] by 2015,” the Minister told …..

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Import of Bigger Motorbikes Approved

The Lao government will now allow the importation of motorcycles with engine capacities of greater than 250 cc’s, lifting a previous ban on the bikes as part of efforts to comply with World Trade Organisation obligations.
In the past, the government banned imports of motorcycles with engine capacities of greater than 250cc’s in an effort to prevent criminals utilising high powered bikes to evade arrest by the police.
Laos has no more reasons to ban the import of the vehicles since the country became a member of …..

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‘Driving Licences Not For Sale’: Official

Officials have quashed rumours that driving licences are being issued for sale by officials in the Vientiane Vehicle and Driving Management Division (VVDMD) – the body in charge of issuing licences in the capital.
The statement comes following public allegations that licences could be bought and sold on the black market, and were made by officials involved in the regular issuing process.
VVDMD rejected the allegation. He said it was impossible for such an irregularity to occur. “The application procedures to obtain a …

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Foreign Investors Allowed To Own Land in Laos

The Government has decide to allow foreign investors to own residential land rights after spending more than a year defining the details of the law. Foreigners who have invested US$500,000 or more in Laos can now apply to buy land from provincial and capital authorities in accordance with the amended Law on Investment Promotion.

Under the new prime ministerial decree, eligible foreign investors will be allowed to purchase a maximum of 800 square meters of state-owned land for residential purposes or to construct on office building.

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Foreigners To Become Permanent Residents In Laos

As many foreigners and People of Lao origin living abroad have expressed an interest in living in Laos permanently, the Lao Government is to introduce in the very near future a new decree outlining permanent residency requirements for foreigners.

People of Lao origin living abroad, as well as foreign nationals, can apply for permanent residency in Laos once the new decree is approved by the government.

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Register At The Village Office:

As a foreigner living in Laos, it’s important to register yourself with the chief of the village at your local village
office. This is necessary by law and also important for your safety as the authorities will know who and where you are. The process is simple. Bring your passport, Lao ID, work permit and a few photos. The village office will do the rest.

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