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Chinese Army Doctors Collaborate with Lao Army in Neurosurgery

Source: Vientiane Times

The Military Hospital 103 in Vientiane and the People’s Liberation Army of China (Chinese PLA) will continue their cooperation in safeguarding the health of Lao army personnel and civilians, including through neurosurgery.

Director General of the 103 Military Hospital, Dr. Savengxay Salasath, said the two parties plan to continue with training and surgery next year following the success of a recent collaboration between a Lao Army medical team and specialists from the Chinese PLA. Lao and Chinese doctors performed surgery on three patients in the area of the fifth cranial nerve, which was damaged by blood vessels while supplying blood to the brain. A medical team from the Chinese Liberation Army has been in Laos for the past two months to assist with neurosurgery.

“In the future, I think that specialists will stay for another four months. If there are a lot of patients coming for surgery, I think we can learn, gain experience, and maybe do it ourselves. But if there are enough patients, there are plans to send technicians to study the special techniques used at Chinese hospitals,” Dr. Savengxay said.

J&C Group- your trusted partners in Laos
J&C Group- your trusted partners in Laos

The Chinese army doctors devoted themselves wholeheartedly to the treatment of patients, and helped improve diagnosis, treatment, and nursing standards at Military Hospital 103, he added.

Symptoms of cranial nerve damage reported by the patients included facial pain, eye socket pain, and excruciating pain while speaking, eating, coughing, and sneezing.

The surgery was led by Prof. Dr. Li San Zhong, supported by surgeons at the 103 Military Hospital.

After investigating the patients’ symptoms and medical histories, carrying out physical examinations, and doing CTA and MRI scans, doctors were able to make a clear diagnosis.

The surgeries were carried out shortly after the diagnosis was made. All three patients, including two women, are on their way to making a full recovery, and their symptoms have ceased.

The surgery is the first of its kind to take place in Laos. China has assisted with new and modern techniques to treat patients in Laos, and to cure diseases that would have never been cured otherwise, Dr. Savengxay said.

Last year, the People’s Liberation Army of China also provided training during a five-day humanitarian and medical rescue exercise, with a focus on emergency rescue and disaster relief work in relation to national defense.

The Military Hospital 103 is a comprehensive hospital established with assistance from the Chinese Ministry of National Defense.

Since 2019, the Chinese PLA has been dispatching medical teams to the hospital, where they have carried out a series of medical aid activities such as academic exchanges, medical knowledge popularisation lectures, and free medical consultations.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has provided 10 groups of medical specialists to work in Laos for periods of six months and will provide more staff up until 2025.