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City Authorities Order Telco Operators to Tidy up Cables

Source: Vientiane Times

Telecom operators in Vientiane have been instructed to tidy up the thickets of cables that line the city’s streets.

The Mayor of Vientiane, Atsaphangthong Siphandone, held a meeting to advise telecommunication and electricity companies to urgently take steps to reduce the number of cables strung between poles and pylons across the city, starting next month.

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Meeting participants heard comments about the problem from ministries, Electricite du Laos, and telecom operators, who shared their ideas on ways to standardize the suspension of cables as well as practical solutions to the issue. Mr. Atsaphangthong gave directions for improvements and solutions, at the same time highlighting the problems faced by telecom operators and others who own power cables. He instructed the central electricity system management department to urgently issue regulations on the arrangement of cables, with strict measures to be taken against companies that infringe the rules.

The Mayor also ordered telecom and other companies in conjunction with the relevant entities to remove any used cables from electricity poles and hand them over to the Department of Technology and Communications. Any company that does not comply with the ruling will be investigated.

The Department of Energy and Mines was assigned to oversee the removal of power lines as well as monitor the installation of new power lines to ensure they were safe and would not pose a danger to members of the public.