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City Bus Station Planning Move To Lao-ITECC

Source: Vientiane Times

Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department has plans to move the current bus station in Nongchan village, Sisattanak district near the Morning Market to a new site at Lao-ITECC, but authorities have yet to finalise the details.

Under the plan, buses, tricycles and taxis will be permanently moved to a new bus station at Lao-ITECC, with drivers of the vehicles only permitted to stop temporarily to pick up passengers at the current bus station and around the Morning Market.

Head of Vientiane Transport Management Division, Mr Syvone Sabthavy told Vientiane Times yesterday, the current bus station located in Nongchan village, Sisattanak district would be moved to Lao-ITECC in the future.

“Following the move to Lao-ITECC drivers can use the old bus station in Nongchan village to pick up passengers in the area, but they cannot park for a long time, only temporarily,” he said.
He added the current bus station would be relocated because authorities needed to solve traffic congestion in the city especially around the site. They also had an eye on preparing for 2018 Visit Lao Year.

Currently, authorities are making preparations for the bus station move but have not set a definite time frame for relocation.

Meanwhile, the Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department in cooperation with Vientiane Traffic Police Department, Urban Development and Administration Authority, Department of Industry and Commerce of Vientiane and district authorities are working to reduce traffic congestion and tidy up around Khuadin Market, which is adjacent to the existing bus station and across from the Morning Market.

Vientiane authorities announced they are starting a crackdown on illegal parking and vendors selling goods along sidewalks around Khuadin Market from today (June 20).

The authorities will allow vendors who have homes and shops in these areas to park between 7pm to 6:00am. Other vehicles will have to park at the car parking concessions.
Meanwhile, buses and passengers trucks must park within the bus stations at all times.

After June 20, vendors or motorists who fail to comply will be warned, re-educated and fined according to the law.

Authorities will attempt to rein in disorderly parking in preparation for the regional “Senior Officials’ Conference on Tourism” and the “Mayors’ Conference For Downstream Mekong River Countries” which will be held in the capital next year.