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Clean Energy Important to Laos’ Energy Strategy: Minister

Source: Lao News Agency

Lao Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines ChansaVath Bounpha has affirmed that energy transition with the use of hydrogen ammonia energy as clean energy to replace current sources is essential for Laos.

Speaking at a recent workshop on energy transition and the possibility of use of hydrogen-ammonia in Laos, she said that countries in the world now have an increasing demand for clean energy and each country has its policies and orientations in the use of energy resources which are clean and friendly to the environment.

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Demand for hydrogen energy is also increasing, especially in countries like the Republic of Korea, Japan, and China.

In Laos, the government has a strategy of using clean energy sources, especially hydrogen gas to supply the transportation industry. Laos imports all fuel to meet its demand. In 2021, the country imported about 1.4 million liters of fuel worth about 803 million USD.

Energy transition and hydrogen-ammonia energy use in Laos are considered important and necessary for Laos to define short- and long-term strategies relating to energy such as power generation, low-cost transportation, mining and heavy industry, and agriculture.

Laos is a country with a lot of potential in hydropower, solar energy, and wind energy which are expected to replace fossil fuels.