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Cycling In Southern Laos – An Unparalleled Way To Immerse Yourself In The Local Lifestyle

Source: southern-laos.com

In southern Laos, there are numerous cycling tours on offer for all levels all year round but winter makes the best time as the weather is dry and the temperature is cooler. It’s an activity we really recommend as it’s an unparalleled way to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle.


Slow down, you’re on Southern Lao time now. Pedal along red dirt roads and silently pass rice paddy fields and leisurely grazing water buffalo. Squeeze your bike onto a two-person ferry to putter across the Mekong on your way to another ancient temple. And feel your leg muscles as you chug your way up a mountain, stopping off to bite into fresh fruit sold at colorful stalls, or to sip hot, freshly-ground local coffee and have a yarn with the sociable locals.

Hop on a bicycle to experience an authentic Southern Laos experience where you travel at your own pace, stopping to visit sights and explore activities as you choose. From leisurely island hopping to biking the mountainous terrain of the Bolaven highlands, cycling provides the perfect means to traverse the diverse region of Southern Laos.

Southern Laos is an up and coming cycling destination and therefore infrastructure for bicycling (shops, rental and maintenance) is still rare all around Southern-Laos.
So, it is advisable to bring your own bicycle, with strong preference on a MTB, including the basic spare parts and an all-purpose tool kit for repairing works (including pump and tyre tube), if you intend to do any extended or advanced cycling.

For shorter rides you can rent basic city bicycles in Pakse (even some basic mountain bikes), Champasak, on Don Det (Four Thousand Islands), and Ban Kiet Ngong.

Please find below several itineraries in different lengths and levels developed and designed as self-guided tours.Load them on your mobile phone or print them out and start the tour !

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Enjoy it !

For more hints and even more specialized tours inform yourself at one of the mentioned travel agents or contact our cycling advisor Oskar ruch.co@bluewin.ch

Pakse City Cycling Tour (40min – 1 hr)

Ride to major attractions and interesting spots within town. On this city cycling tour you’ll discover old French Colonial Buildings, a Vietnamese quarter, Buddhist and Chinese temples an old Catholic church and the local market.

Itinerary of the tour: Download

Vat Phou Salao Viewpoint – Cycling Tour (2-3 hrs)

Sporty challenge to see the landmark of Pakse, the big golden Buddha, and have a stunning view over city and the Mekong -River.

Itinerary of the tour: Download

Sedone River – Pakse – Cycling Tour (1.5 – 2 hrs)

Discover the rural landscape around Pakse. Follow the Sedone River, crossing bridges of smaller confluents. Experience flat red dirt road biking while riding past small villages.

Itinerary of the tour: Download

Vat Phou and Don Daeng Island Tour – 2 days

This bike ride combines the famous UNESCO heritage listed temple of Vat Phou, with more relaxing island cycling round Don Daeng the Mekong River island in front of Champasak. You can also experience Lao homestays or more comfortable accommodation. Using Champasak as a base, this 2-day trip could easily be extended if you wanted to spend longer at any of the destinations.

Itinerary of the tour: Download

Extended Rural Mekong Tour

This trip incorporates road and offroad biking in a round-trip from Pakse. Pass the factory of the famous Beer Lao and arrive at the junction to the elephants of the wetlands before crossing the river. Explore the banks of the Mekong by bicycle seeing Lao rural life and interact with local people. Take the opportunity to visit the famous Vat Phou world heritage site and Don Daeng island before heading back to Champasak and Pakse.

Itinerary of the tour: Download

Island Hopping Tour

Experience the wonder, the isolation and the beauty of six unique islands in this unforgettable tour crisscrossing Si Phan Don by bike and boat. Remember, you’re on Southern Laos time, so embrace the sun and the river breeze when waiting for the somewhat erratic boat crossings – and maybe take a book!

Itinerary of the tour: Download

Don Khong Island Tour

A round circuit exploring Don Khong, the biggest of the Four Thousand Islands. Explore local villages, criss cross the Mekong, and admire the lush green rice fields that cover most of the island. There is optional side trip to the northern tip of the island, Don San, only recently connected by bridge.

Itinerary of the tour: Download

Rewarding Bolaven Tour

Enjoy the cool, peaceful beauty of the high altitude Bolaven Plateau, followed by a long, exciting downhill swoop to the Dao Coffee Factory and back into Pakse.

Itinerary of the tour: Download

Off-Road Adventure on the Bolaven

Get out your adventurous spirit for this trip through a beautiful, mountainous region of raw and isolated Southern Laos. It is not advised to travel in the rain.

Itinerary of the tour: Download

Weaving & Buddhist Culture Tour ( Ban Saphai & Ban Don Khor)

A good combination of half-day trip from Pakse town to its Northern outskirts for visiting weavers on the Island next to Ban Saphai, combined with having a close eye on stone carving of Buddha statues after worshipping at Wat Chompet.

Itinerary of the tour: Download

Pakse to Xe-Pian Cycling Tour

This tour brings you from city and civilization within 2 to 4 hours into a surrounding which is completely different, unique and very outstanding. Enjoy the tranquility in the village of Ban Kiet Ngong and get in close contact with rural village live and pure nature. Have the possibility of doing bike tours in the surroundings, making a trek around the wetlands or up to Phou Asa. On the way back have a stop at Ban Nong Bueng the village known for famous woodcarving artists.

Itinerary of the tour: Download