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Deadline For Thai SIM Card Registration !

Anyone that has a prepaid SIM in their Thai mobile MUST register their SIM card until next Friday, 31st of July. Failure to do so means your mobile number will unable to use data or make calls when the deadline passes.

Here’s a gentle reminder if one were needed that you have until next Friday the 31st of July to register your prepaid mobile phone number with your operator.

If you don’t, you’ll be unable to make calls or use data after that date, though it seems that you will still be able to receive text messages.

Also note that one of our staff writers, Jonathan, registered his DTAC SIM card earlier this year in Market Village Hua Hin, but recently received an SMS (in Thai) with a reminder to register. So, be warned that even if you think you have registered, there is a slim chance that something went wrong and you’ll have to do it again! Oh dear…

How to register your SIM card in Thailand

If you’re not Thai, just take your passport to either 7-11, Tesco Lotus or Big C, or your local NBTC (Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission) if there is one near you. Thai citizens just need to show their ID card.

You can also just pop along to your network company’s local shop, which is probably the simplest approach as they should be able to process it quickly without somebody queueing up behind you to buy cigarettes…

You can dial *151# to find out if your SIM is registered.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about the whole registration process, call your network operator directly or go and speak to staff at the store of your network operator.

Here are the details for the main ones in Thailand:

  • AIS: call 1175 in Thailand or +66 2299 5000 from abroad.
  • DTAC: call 1678 (press 7 for English) in Thailand or +66 2202 8000 from abroad.
  • True: call 1331 in Thailand or +66 89100 1331 from abroad.

Source: ThaiTech