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Dengue Fever Infections in Laos Rises

Source: Xinhuanet News

A total of 430 cases of dengue fever have been reported in Laos since January 2023, according to the Lao Ministry of Health.

A report issued by the Center of Information and Education for Health under the ministry on Friday said the country recorded 12 new cases of dengue fever, bringing the total number of infections to 430.

J&C Group- your trusted partners in Laos
J&C Group- your trusted partners in Laos

The highest number of dengue cases was reported in Lao capital Vientiane at 83, while 76 cases were detected in Oudomxay province and 44 cases in Luang Prabang province.

Lao health authorities are encouraging people to clear potential mosquito breeding sites around their homes and workplaces to help control the spread of dengue fever.

The report asked the public to be vigilant against dengue, saying if people fall ill, they should suspect that dengue may be the cause of their illness and get a blood test at a hospital.