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Don’t Drive Without Insurance

The numbers of road accidents and fatalities in Laos have risen sharply in recent years, with Vientiane capital being topping the list.  Being an expat involved in a road accident can become a very unpleasant experience, mainly due to the fact that most foreigners do not master the local language and therefore are not always able to explain to the police the the accident happened. The nightmare of having to deal with the police and the other party on your own can easily be avoided if you have an up to date insurance policy for your vehicle.

The vehicle insurance doesn’t need to be in your name, it just has to cover the vehicle that you drive. In case of an accident simply call the number on the insurance sticker located at the front window screen and within about 30 minutes an insurance agent should come speeding to your aid at the scene of the accident. From that moment on the insurance agent will deal with the police, third parties and compensation claims made.

The rule in Laos is that vehicles involved in an accident are held by the police until both parties have agreed on compensation, which can take months in some cases. If your vehicle is insured, usually the agency will guarantee compensation if found guilty, so that you can have your vehicle returned within 24 hours.

Motor insurance in Laos isn’t expensive (third party & passenger coverage for cars range between Kip 210,000 and Kip 960,000 per year), a small price to pay for complete peace of mind on the road.  Please see our insurance page for more information on how J&C can insure your vehicle or your home.