Marketing – DTP & Printing materials


For most people outside of the world of graphic design, the term “desktop publishing” probably doesn’t mean much. If you’ve even heard the phrase in the first place, chances are you wrote it off as something that doesn’t concern you and likely never will. And most of the time, that’s true.


But that can all change when you need your first publication like catalog, report, book or magazin.

Think of a typical brochure or a page from a magazine: there might be several columns and images; multiple fonts; and various other boxes, shapes, and icons that give the finished product its professional look.

You have text, you have photos and even whole idea for layout design. But how to compose it all together?

We can help you with our Desktop Publishing team.

And then we will print it as much as you need. In the best quality you need.


All your concepts we put together in one attractive product.

We can do for you:
  • Leaflets / Flyers,
  • Catalogs / Reports,
  • Newspapers & magazines,
  • Self-copying forms
  • and much more.