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EDL Suffers Electricity Theft Worth 200 Billion Kip

Source: Vientiane Times

Electricite du Laos (EDL) lost more than 200 million kip last year due to illegally modified electricity meters and other forms of electricity theft.

The company has continued to suffer losses even though it has tripled fines for law breakers.

EDL is now offering rewards to anyone who reports information about illegally modified electricity meters or other fraudulent use of electricity, which is a common occurrence, according to Lao National Television.

The company has set up hotline number 1199 for members of the public to report dishonest use of electricity, with the line open 24 hours a day.

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Any information provided will be treated in confidence and the caller will receive a reward from EDL if the report results in someone being fined for the theft of electricity.

People who steal electricity will be given a warning for first and second offences, but will be fined for a third offence, after which their power supply will be switched off and legal proceedings will begin, EDL stated.

Rewards were disbursed last year for the report of all fines of up to LAK 5 million, 70 percent of fines between LAK 5 million and LAK 10 million, and 50 percent of fines higher than LAK 10 million.