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Ever Wanted To Try A Beer Soft Ice Cream ?

The Chang Export Soft Serve as the company (Thai Beverage PLC) called it boast the freshness of Chang Beer that will satisfy the taste buds of beer lovers. I love Chang beer for its smoothness and creamy flavor, so I’m expecting this to taste like? Who knows until I get to try this out.

“Chang Export Soft Serve” beer ice cream can be enjoyed with three topping selections: almonds, chocolate chips, and caramel.

Those who want to consume their beer in the sweetest and creamiest way possible will have to visit selected outdoor beer gardens in Thailand (I couldn’t find any news if the Chang soft ice will be also served in Laos). You can try out the soft serve at these locations until December 31st, 2013:

-Chang Export Beer Park & Chang the Selections in front of Central World
-Chang Export Beer Park at Asiatique

Keep in mind to lick responsibly and refrain from driving if consuming more than three cones 🙂

Chang Beer started production in March 1995 at their first brewery in the Bang Ban district of Ayutthaya Province, it is the top selling beverage in Thailand. It managed to win 60% of the market share in Thailand after a hard market fight with Singha, the previous leading brand.

Chang is brewed at 6.4% for the local market and 5% for the export market. The two versions are very different however, the export version is a malt beer while the in country version is brewed with rice