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Exhibition Promotes Art Work of Lao and Foreign Artists

Source: Vientiane Times

The i:Cat Gallery has been organizing art exhibitions to promote the art of Lao and foreign artists.

An exhibition titled “You Me US: You Left a Mark” opened last Friday at i:Cat gallery and was well attended. The audience, especially tourists and students, enjoyed seeing the art pieces on display at the exhibition.

The i:Cat Gallery invited Lao and foreign artists namely Virginie Faivre, Sone Khounpasert, Souphaluck Phongsavath, and Lydia Ebdon-Bord to display their artwork.
The exhibition is on till June 10.

One of the artists, Souphaluck Phongsavath, felt elated to have displayed her art pieces and at the positive response from the visitors.

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Souphaluck Phongsavath is a dedicated multimedia creator and curator of private art galleries and is actively involved in raising awareness for disability-related issues. She has also collaborated with ceramic studios to provide artistic experiences for hearing-impaired groups.

She is a dedicated Lao artist, with a passion for art that extends beyond her own creations. As a full-time artist, she immerses herself in Vientiane’s art industry while also working as a gallery assistant at i:Cat Gallery, actively supporting her local community by running art classes, workshops, and engaging in illustration commissions.

Her commitment to empowering others through art led her to collaborate on significant projects, including researching the contributions of women artists in Laos, organizing workshops for art students in Savannakhet, and artistic intervention for hearing-impaired groups.

Luck’s inspiring journey showcases the transformative power of art and the invaluable impact it can have on communities.

Visitors and the public can see the exhibition by the four artists at i:Cat Gallery.