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Fatal Head-On Deadly Reminder To Slowdown

Traffic officials have urged motorists to slow down after a horrible road accident in Savannakhet last weekend which killed two people instantly and left three others seriously injured.

The fatal crash happened on Road No. 13 South in Kaenghaed village, Xaybouly district, Savannakhet province on July 21.

Xaybouly district official Lieutenant Colonel Noukarn Inthalath said this was the first time such a horrible accident had occurred in the area. He reported that one of the vehicles was travelling at a very high speed and the driver lost control.

The official reported that on July 20 a Toyota Fortuner SUV was driving at high speed in a northerly direction when it collided with a Toyota Vigo pickup truck in the same village.

Fatal Head-On Deadly Reminder To Slowdown

“The SUV hit with great force head-on, killing the SUV’s driver and a Vigo passenger instantly and leaving three others seriously injured at the scene. Some witnesses told officials that the Fortuner was driving at a high speed and met a cow in the middle of the road and then the driver tried to swerve to avoid the cow but lost control,” Lieutenant Colonel Noukarn explained.

He added that the SUV crossed to the wrong side of the road and crashed into the pickup truck heading south.

“The SUV came to rest about 10 metres from the incident while the Vigo landed about 6 metres away,” the policeman explained.

Fatal Head-On Deadly Reminder To Slowdown

Officials also found the Toyota Fortuner was carrying some rosewood and they are now investigating the origins of the wood.

Lieutenant Colonel Noukarn said many vehicles drove at high speed passing through the area.

They would like drivers to slow down to a safer speed because there are animals crossing and local people walk along the road, particularly in the evening.

“Save yourself and other people travelling along the road by driving at slower speeds. Driving too fast is very risky and is the cause of road accidents like this recent incident,” he reminded motorists.

The Traffic Police Department at the Ministry of Public Security reported recently that a total of 3,056 road accidents occurred nationwide from January to June this year resulting in 556 fatalities, and 5,193 injuries.

Vientiane was top ranked for accidents followed by Savannakhet and Champassak provinces.

Source: Text Vientiane Times / Photo & Mahason