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Fire Warning As Temperatures Soar

Source: Vientiane Times

Authorities are warning people to exercise caution when lighting fires outdoors, as well as highlighting the dangers posed by household electrical faults.

Head of Office of the Fire Prevention and Protection Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security, Lieutenant Colonel Seng Sanit, told Vientiane Times on Monday the department is warning people everywhere to be especially careful about preventing fires at this time of the year.

“Most fires occur between January and April, with many caused by electrical faults. Most accidental fires take place in Vientiane,” he said.

Fire prevention police are taking their message to village groups, government offices, companies and other at-risk locations, especially in the capital.

The fire safety campaign involves training people how to prevent fires. Officials are focusing on high density communities and warning villagers to replace old or faulty electrical equipment.

Officials stressed that a fire could occur at any time as a result of faulty wiring, overloaded electrical circuits, lighted candles, failure to check electrical appliances before leaving home, burning garbage, or children lighting fires at home.

Another common fire hazard is the practice of lighting incense sticks and candles around Buddha images. Home owners are requested to be vigilant and exercise due caution to prevent fires.

On Sunday, a fire gutted two houses in Phontoum village, Outhoumphon district, Savannakhet province.

A senior police official at the district Public Security Office, Lieutenant Colonel Khamphai Xayasiha, who is in charge of accident and fire management, said the fire started about 1:30pm on Sunday.

Two fire engines tackled the blaze, which took hold of the wooden structures very quickly. Fire-fighters spent two hours hosing down the flames to completely extinguish them.

Police and authorities went to the scene and are investigating the cause of the blaze and assessing the cost of the damage.