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First Lao Smartphone To Launch In Local Market

Source: Vientiane Times

The first Lao smart phone brand will be introduced to shops and agencies in Vientiane and the provinces this month after the local investor began displaying the product at the company showroom last week.

The phone branded ‘ALO’ shall enter the local market after the investor conducted a market study last year. The launch of the phone represents the investment of a Lao owned company, ALO Technology Sole Co Ltd, in Vientiane.

“It will be a challenge to compete in the market in the future. Our plan is not try to win a foreign product that now has a large coverage in the local market,” the company Chairman and CEO Thanousone Phonamat said.

Currently the large coverage brands in Laos include Samsung, Huawei, and Iphone.

“But our main position is focusing on students and education,” Mr Thanousone said in an interview recently.

The company has invested in the production of the smartphone and has reached a cooperation agreement with Microsoft to regularly update the software and programmes, mainly targeting the education sector as students will be able to download to their devices.

He said that it is not easy to compete with other brands; however it is still a good way to boost local products.

Currently the company is entering into discussions with related state sectors on reducing some taxes or fees to make the product price cheaper.

“Other countries also help their production and suppliers to allow their investors or operators to enjoy growth opportunities,” he said.

“For example in South Korea, the people mainly use their homemade vehicles such as the Kia and Hyundai brands.”

The company now has five dealers in Vientiane and it hopes to have one agency in each province. “Next year, we hope to have ALO shops and service centres in all provinces,” Mr Thanousone said.

The company was established in 2015 and it has different electronic products, including tablets, computer notebooks, laptops and smartphones.

“It is possible that we may enter the market in Asean in the future. Currently our participation in the fairs or events aims to ensure people know our brand initially,” he said.

Alo aims to become an information technology leader in Laos and Asean countries. It is determined to become the number one choice for technology products and services, serving the public sector, retail and corporate markets in Laos and Asean.

It produces its own brand IT equipment, mainly high quality equipment at affordable prices, particularly mobile devices. Alo will also operate retail IT stores across the country.