Five Bans to be Strictly Enforced During Lao New Year

Source: KPL

The Government issued five public bans for Lao New Year celebration last week, in an effort to maintain social order and promote and preserve Lao traditions and culture.

Firstly, state offices and the general public nationwide have been asked to organise a farewell party to BE 2560 in accordance with the longstanding traditional culture of Laos and the government’s policies throughout the five-day celebration from 13 to 17 April.

Secondly, the celebrations are to reflect the preservation of fine customs including parties, Baci ceremonies within families or pouring water for mutual blessing, pouring scented perfume water for Buddha images at the temples and building sand stupas, etc.

All parties and ages ought to promote and disseminate the Lao culture and national courtesy while organizing festivities. The activities must reflect love, respect and gratefulness towards elders, and prevent mishaps such as fire, fraud, fighting, and drinking beyond control, and road accidents from happening.

Fireworks are banned.

The five-day holiday for Lao Lunar New Year celebration or Pi Mai Lao this year is longer than usual, compensating for two days that fall on a weekend.

Water play in public during the three days of Pi Mai Lao from April 14 to 16 will be allowed between 9 AM and 6:00 PM.

Finally, all Vientiane residents have been asked to strictly follow four bans: drunk driving; throwing of solid things, waste water, and coloured water on commuters; entering temples and public areas wearing skimpy clothes; blocking traffic; and playing loud music beyond permitted hours.