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Five Well-Known Nightclubs Ordered To Shutdown

Five well known nightclubs in Vientiane have been ordered to shut down temporarily, while 10 others are being closely watched after authorities discovered that their operations are in breach of the relevant regulations.

Vientiane Information, Culture and Tourism Department issued an order recently to punish the offending entertainment venues for their infringement of the regulations concerned and impose order on the entertainment industry.

Of the five, four entertainment venues were ordered to shut down for a three month period from February 1 to May 1, as punishment for the breaches.

The four venues are Star Club in Nonsavang village of Chanthaboury district, Dao Kham club in Nakham village in Sikhottabong district, Romeo Club in Khoknin village and Phik Club in Beungkhayong village of Sisattanak district.

Meanwhile Marina Club in Nongpanai village of Sikhottobong district was told to shut down for two months from February1 to April 1.

Vientiane authorities warned the operators of the five venues never to engage in any further breaches of the regulations, notably during the shutdown period.

The authorities threatened to double the shutdown period to punish those venues whose operators engage in further breaches during the temporary shutdown period including simply continuing to trade in contravention of the order.

Those repeat offenders could face ‘permanent shutdown’, the authorities warned, in accordance with the issued order.

The night clubs being punished mainly involve remaining open beyond the legislated 12:30 closing time, Head of Vientiane Cultural Division Mr Phonchanh Sengphouvanh explained.

They were also reported to be causing social ills and undermining social security and order. Among issues of concern, many clubs allow teenagers under 18 years of age to enter their premises, which is against the regulations.

Some 10 other venues were listed and kept under close watch of their operations, according to the order. The 10 clubs are Saikha Homyen, Wind West, What Club, Future, BB, Galaxy, Echo (Meena), Catwalk, Vangnampheung, and Vaivan.

Mr Phonchanh stated that these venues received different levels of punishment depending on how serious their breaches of the regulations have been.

The punishments were handed down to the nightclubs following the warning the Vientiane authorities gave them one month earlier to improve their business operations.

Some venues have improved their operations and as a result they have not been ordered to shut down, while others failed to comply with the warnings resulting in the punishments being imposed.

The taskforce committee in charge of regulating the issue was asked to work with district and village authorities to follow up the operations of the 10 venues listed under watch.

Those on the watch list who breach the regulations will be ordered to shut down temporarily, similar to the five venues that were ordered to shut down already.

The authorities were also told to follow up the order and monitor whether the operators of the five venues comply with the punishment measures handed down as stipulated in the order.

Source: Vientiane Times