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Gang Arrested Over Kidnap & Murder

Source: Vientiane Times

Police have arrested 13 people including a woman on charges of killing two men and burying them in waste ground in Mai village, Sikhottabong district, Vientiane, in March.

It is believed the men were killed after they were kidnapped and a demand for ransom failed.

Deputy Director General of the Police Department, and Chief of the Investigation Department, Colonel Kanchanh Phommachack, issued a press release on Wednesday stating that on March 18 a police officer received a message from 18-year-old Ms Soysouda, in Dongnasok village, Sikhottabong district, that her businessman husband, 53-year-old Mr Bounthieng, and his Chinese friend aged 49, who were both residents of the village, had been abducted and a ransom demanded for their freedom.

Officers from the Police Department teamed up with Sikhottabong district police, and village police and authorities, to investigate and conduct enquiries, in a bid to locate the two men and anyone involved in their disappearance.

On March 26, Sikhottabong district police were informed that some villagers had gone to a bamboo grove in Mai village and spotted two bodies lying on the ground.

Specialist police were called to examine and identify the bodies as those of Mr Bounthieng and his friend.

On April 12, authorities detained a suspect in the case, named as Mr Siphan or Bee, aged 19, a labourer in Saphanthongtai village, Sisattanak district.

During questioning, Mr Siphan named the ringleaders and other participants in the abduction and murder.

A total of 13 people (eight Lao and four Chinese) were arrested for their part in the heinous crime.

Police confiscated two vehicles believed to have been used in the abduction and are now trying to trace other suspects in the case, in the hope of bringing more offenders to justice.