Gearing Up For The Mosquito War

The number of dengue fever cases recorded in Vientiane so far this year is already six times the figure registered for the same period last year. The Epidemiology Division said this was a strong signal that medical staff and people from all walks of life must take steps to guard against dengue.

So far, this year more than 3,000 people have been infected with the virus nationwide, resulting in 11 deaths. Of this figure, 634 cases occurred in Vientiane, where six people have died.

With mosquitoes swarming through the Vientiane right now, I decided to increase the power of my mosquito killing arsenal.

The prime weapon of mass mosquito destruction?

THE BLACK HOLE mosquito trap!

Did you know that even in the dark, mosquitoes can easily locate a sleeping person by sensing the Carbon Dioxide we exhale and the heat emitted by our bodies?  By producing its own carbon dioxide, “The Black Hole” lures and captures Mosquitoes and Sandflies as well as other flying insects such as moths and flies which are attracted by black light.

The black hole is devastatingly effective against mosquitoes but very safe for humans and animals.  It’s also environmentally friendly. The best thing is that the only sound produced is that of the in-built fan, which is equivalent to the noise level a computer fan.

When completing your mosquito defense with this mosquito trap you may choose from two types, the Black Hole and the Black Hole Junior.