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“Gout de France/Good France”: French Gastronomy Around The World

French gastronomy will be in the spotlight around the world on March 19 when the “Gout de France/Good France” evening rolls out in French restaurants and French embassies as 1,000 chefs prepare 1,000 dinners on five continents.

In Laos, many leaders are taking part in the operation, and gourmands will be able to sample the true flavours of French cuisine in Vientiane and Luang Prabang.

March 19 has been chosen as the day for the worldwide premiere of this event because March 20 is Francophonie Day.

The celebratory dinner in Laos is under the direction of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, Mr Laurent Fabius, and world renowned French chef Mr Alain Ducasse.

The concept was proposed during the Conference of French Ambassadors as a way to provide a deeper insight into the meaning of “the good life, French style”.

In Vientiane, a sumptuous menu will be prepared at two locations where 12 French chefs will serve up a fantastic seven-course meal.

The Good France menu will be prepared by French chefs from ParadIce, Ansara hotel, Settha Palace hotel, Landmark hotel, Nadao Restaurant, Xang Khoo Restaurant, Le Trio Coffee Bistro 22, Nicolas Carret etc. Dinners will be served at the following locations:

French Ambassador’s Residence in Vientiane (reservations and information: ParadIce at the French Institute on Lane Xang Avenue)

L’adresse Cuisine by Tinay Inthavong Information and reservations at the restaurant, behind Vat Ongteu, Setthathirath Road. Call 020-56913434.

Hotel De La Paix in Luang Prabang. For more information or reservations call 071-260777.

Wine and French digestives will of course be available to complement the seven-course set menus, which will consist of an appetizer, cold appetizer, a hot entrée, fish or shellfish, meat or poultry, a selection of French cheeses, and a chocolate dessert.

Five percent of the proceeds will be handed over to an NGO which will donate the money to the Lao Children’s Hospital.

The “Good France” event was announced on Tuesday by French Ambassador Mr Yves Carmona at the French Residence in Vientiane.

“The food festival aims to promote French gastronomic culture to the Lao people and to foreigners who are visiting or living in Laos. We want to make French food known everywhere in the world especially among the Lao people. You may not speak French but you can enjoy the glories of French food,” Mr Carmona said.

When eating French food, one can picture images of France. Chefs use special French techniques to cook and mix ingredients together, such as mark khaen pepper from Xieng Khuang province.

Source: Vientiane Times