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Govt Fights Corruption, Vows To Cut Excess

Source: Vientiane Times

The government has instructed its anti-corruption body to work out necessary measures and carry out inspection to fight against corruption in all forms.

The instruction was made at the two-day meeting between the government cabinet, Vientiane Mayor and provincial governors that concluded on Wednesday in Vientiane.

Chaired by Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith, the meeting entrusted a committee in charge of debt payment for state investment projects to draw up measures for debt payment so that debt would be paid in a transparent manner and prevent the accumulation of more debt.

The Ministry of Finance was assigned to work with relevant departments to accelerate measures to exercise frugal spending and cutting extravagance in each particular field.

In this regard, frugality should begin from restricting the use of or cutting spending on state vehicles and ensuring state investment projects and purchasing undergo proper bidding processes.

The participants discussed a Prime Ministerial Order on the implementation of the 2017 socio-economic development plan, budget plan and currency plan and agreed to upgrade the order into a Prime Ministerial Decree that details measures to pursue the economic growth target of 7 percent.

The Ministry of Finance was told to work with relevant sectors to inspect and ensure that budget obligations are paid to the state and pay attention to revenue collection and expenditure.

It was also instructed to modernise mechanisms to ensure transparent revenue collection and expenditure that can be inspected.

The meeting told the central bank to pay attention to manage and maintain the inflation rate at an appropriate level, as well as address the exchange rate gap between the banking system and the non-banking system.

Participants agreed to carry out implementing the Prime Ministerial Order No 15 that imposes tough action to regulate wood processing plants, businesses and the prohibition on exports of unfinished wooden products.

The meeting told the authorities in charge to implement a decision that orders the shutdown of 28 sawmills located near or inside forest areas by December 2016.

The authorities were told to take action to manage goods prices in local markets to prevent unreasonable increases in prices.

The meeting instructed the relevant bodies to ensure that the salary for civil servants is paid in a timely manner.

Concluding the meeting, Prime Minister Thongloun told the cabinet members, Vientiane Mayor and provincial governors to strive to maintain political stability, security and social order conducive to socio-economic development.

The premier called for the participants to exert full efforts to pursue the 2017 socio-economic development agendas.

PM Thongloun told the participants to attach great attention to and take into account the recommendations of the National Assembly and provincial councils.