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Govt Orders Preparations For Worsening Covid Scenario

Source: Vientiane Times

The government has instructed the relevant authorities to review and draw up plans of the essentials they need to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak as the number of cases continues to rise.

The Prime Minister’s Office on April 26 issued a notice asking Covid-19 prevention and control taskforces at all levels to compile a list of the resources they required, including medical equipment, medicines, and money to finance efforts to contain the outbreak.

The taskforces were told to coordinate with external and internal sectors to mobilise assistance such as medical experts and staff, equipment, medicines, and financial support.

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The National Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control was instructed to work with central and local authorities to prepare and ensure that sufficient quarantine and treatment centres were available in addition to hospitals.

As the number of cases rises each day, priority will be given to people who are seriously ill. They will be admitted to hospital, while those with mild symptoms could be sent to other arranged treatment centres.

The government stressed the need to increase the number of medical staff and volunteers working at all treatment centres so that everyone can be cared for.

Authorities were also told to intensify border patrols to prevent people entering Laos illegally.

The government told police officers to monitor places of entertainment and tourist attractions that had been ordered to close, to ensure they strictly comply with the order and to take action against those that break the rules.

The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism was told to work with the media to publicise the government’s policies and measures to contain the outbreak, while promptly dismissing fake news.

The government instructed the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to work with the relevant sectors to facilitate the import and export of goods as well as goods transport within the country to ensure sufficient supplies of goods and food.

Central and local state departments in areas where Covid-19 cases have occurred were told to arrange for civil servants and staff under their supervision to work from home.

The government also assigned the relevant authorities to assess the economic impacts of the lockdown, which has been imposed in Vientiane and eight provinces, with recommended policies and measures to help overcome these impacts.

In addition, the government gave the green light to accept payments offered by businesses to buy Covid-19 vaccines to immunise their employees.