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Govt, Private Sector Mull Use Of Electric Vehicles

Source: Vientiane Times

The government and private sector are partnering to promote the development of electric vehicles to encourage the use of clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Global Green Growth Institute Laos and other development partners on Tuesday held a meeting titled ‘Private Sector Engagement in Climate Change and Green Growth Series: Promotion of Electric Vehicles’.

Deputy Director General of the Climate Change Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ms Teunchit Alounlasy, who co-chaired the meeting, said talks would centre on the benefits of electric vehicles in relation to the use of clean energy and benefits to the environment.

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The meeting aimed to raise awareness of the Green Climate Fund and low carbon use in transportation, consider the findings of studies, and identify opportunities and barriers to the use of electric vehicles.

“It is hoped this meeting will attract and increase participation and investment by the private sector,” Ms Teunchit said.
Climate change is high on the national agenda because it affects social and economic development, livelihoods, biodiversity, and the ecosystem. This hinders the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The government is integrating climate change into the National Socio-Economic Development Plan and Vision to 2030.

The Climate Change Department is considering issues relating to greenhouse gas emission reduction and resilience building, as well as low-carbon development.

“We all know that climate change is a global issue and all stakeholders need to take part in the fight to mitigate climate change.

The support of public, civil society, private and finance bodies is required to address climate change,” Ms Teunchit added.
Global Green Growth Institute Laos Deputy Country Representative, Mr Christophe Assicot, who co-chaired the meeting, said electric vehicles are a priority for the government.

He explained the potential impacts of electric vehicle adoption in Laos, especially in light of the country’s large supply of renewable electricity.

Transitioning to electric vehicles means moving towards self-sufficiency in energy, he said. Electric vehicles can result in 20 percent lower transportation costs, more savings, more investment, GDP growth, greenhouse gas reduction, and pollution reduction.

The use of electric vehicles would help enhance Laos’ green credentials and tourism-related businesses stand to benefit. Electric vehicles provide a storage buffer to stabilise the electricity grid through vehicle-to-grid services.

The Lao grid requires storage support as it is primarily renewable (hydro) based. The batteries used for electric vehicles can provide grid services to support variable renewable power, while the use of electric vehicles can help save foreign currency.