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Govt To Continue Suspension Of Passenger Transport

Source: Vientiane Times

The government will continue to suspend all passenger transportation services by land, water, and air between the capital to provinces and within provinces.

The Deputy Minister of Public Works and Transport, Mr Lan Sengaphone, recently spoke at a press conference in Vientiane in this regard.

He said transportation services to the capital and all provinces of Laos have been temporarily ceased by land, including buses, vans, taxis, pickup trucks, three-wheelers, and motorbikes.

Water transportation services between the capital and provinces, and between provinces are also temporarily suspended.

Air passenger transport services between the capital to provinces and within provinces are also temporarily suspended. This excludes special flights authorised by the task force committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control.

The Lao-Thai railway is also temporarily suspended, while the freight transportation between Laos and Thailand is allowed but under strict compliance of measures laid out for the pandemic.

Freight transportation within the country is also allowed. For essential freight delivery (fuel, gas and construction equipment) drivers from foreign countries, especially from the Laos-China Railway project, hydropower projects and equipment for prevention and control of COVID-19, delivering goods have been instructed to leave the country immediately after their deliveries.

Freight transporters should carry safety compliance documents for prevention of COVID-19 from the taskforce committee of the international borders.

Mr Lan said the cargo vehicles carrying goods via Laos to a third country, as per partner agreements between companies, said they are allowed to pick up the goods in Laos, but need authorisation from the relevant sectors.

The government has extended the lockdown for another 15 days until May 20 in an ongoing effort to contain the COVID-19 outbreak as cases continue to surge.

The National Taskforce for COVID-19 Prevention and Control announced to continue imposing the measures in a press conference on Tuesday.

The government has imposed a lockdown in the capital of Vientiane since April 22 after suspected super-spreaders had caused a widespread outbreak. All 17 provinces imposed lockdowns later.

The government has called for all sectors to strictly observe prevention and control measures to contain the outbreak.

As daily cases surge, authorities are setting up makeshift hospitals to provide sufficient treatment facilities for patients.