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I-Furniture – Vientiane’s Biggest Furniture Showroom

I-Furniture Sole, a subsidiary company of Kolao Group, unveiled its showroom in Vientiane Capital offering a new focus for customers in the country.

The showroom, the biggest of its kind in Laos, has been built on a total area of 18,000 square metres at KM8 on Thadeua Road, Somvang Tai village, Hadsayfong District.

I-Furniture Sole Company will operate its business in the country under the slogan ‘All about furniture’ in collaboration with global companies such as ‘IKEA’ and ‘Livart Furniture“, a Korea’s top general furniture company specialising in manufacturing furniture for 30 years, and many global furniture companies from USA, Japan and EU. It also cooperated with globally well-known companies that have opened up their own brands with the products for living space, namely kitchen utensils and beddings.

I-Furniture - Vientiane's Biggest Furniture Showroom

“We are sure it will attract many potential customers who used to visit Thailand via the first Mekong Friendship Bridge to buy furniture, as we are located much closer,” said Managing Director of I-Furniture, Mr. Seung Choi.

“I-Furniture thoroughly considers three elements of every product because the quality of customers’living is ever valuable than anything else to us. I-Furniture puts its all capability to become a leader of eco, design and quality while offering at affordable price, with the eco-friendly products that consider not only our customers’health but also global environment, with the design that makes space beautiful and convenient and finally with the management philosophy that would make customers to come back for the quality of our furniture,” he said.

In response to the growing demand for the high quality products even for furniture due to the rapid economic growth in the Lao PDR, the company has prepared a wide range of furniture that will satisfy the customers in all senses.

“The price of furniture in Laos was way too high especially compared to its neighbouring countries, adding to the burden on household budgets. So we are planning to serve our customers at the lowest price possible without any bubbles in furniture price. Furthermore, we are going to be the first company in Laos that offers 10 years warranty for furniture,”Mr. Choi continued.

The showroom sells home furniture for living room, bedroom, children’s room, office furniture, kitchen furniture and products for living space.

I-Furniture’s phone number is 021 813 012-16, see here the location map

Source: KPL