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Inland Container Depot Opens In Northern Laos To Facilitate Trade With China

Source: Xinhua

A Lao company has officially opened an inland container depot (ICD) at the Boten Specific Economic Zone (SEZ) in Laos’ northern province of Luang Namtha.

The opening ceremony was attended Wednesday by Lao Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Somdy Douangdy, Luang Namtha Provincial Governor Phetthavone Philavan, Chairman of Management Committee of Boten SEZ Zhou Kun and Chairperson of the Lao International ICD Thoonsavan Sichanthongthip.

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The Lao International ICD will become the largest logistics distribution center in Laos-China border area, while facilitating the bilateral trade, said Chairman of Management Committee of Boten SEZ Zhou.

“Our goal is to offer the convenience of border transportation, and make it more flexible, safe, and smooth, so as to reduce logestics cost and to attract more foreign investment to Laos,” said Thoonsavan, chairwoman of the company when addressing the opening ceremony.

The ICD is located at the center of an economic corridor linking Laos to China and Thailand, and is expected to serve the three countries’ needs for transportation, and trade and economic cooperation, Thoonsavan told Xinhua.

“Today, Laos International ICD Co., Ltd. has officially opened its business, which will reduce the bilateral logistics cost, increase bilateral trade and accelerate the development of the international logistics industry (in Laos),” said Luang Namtha Provincial Governor Phetthavone Philavan,

“We will work together on the implementation of the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative to create brilliant benefits for both sides.”