J&C Awarded “Top Agent” By Toko Assurance

Toko Assurance celebrated its Fourth Anniversary with a warm reception for staff, their nationwide agents, brokers and clients.  In his speech Toko Assurance’s CEO, Mr. Chan Lek Wei, thanked the agents and customers for their treasured support which, he stated, has contributed greatly to spectacular growth for Toko in 2011.

“The year 2011 had been an exciting one for Toko Assurance” said Mr. Wei, “for example, among all of the insurance companies in Lao PDR, Toko has been appointed as the exclusive insurer in partnership with AirAsia”.

The Award Ceremony for its top agents was the climax of the evening setting a positive tone for an even better performance in 2012. J&C Expat Services, represented by Mr. Stephan Aeschbach, Senior Partner, was awarded as the “Top Agent Bronze”.

“Being the third largest agent for Toko in Laos is a great honor” said Mr. Aeschbach, “I would like to thank all customers of J&C Services for their support and for trusting in our services. Furthermore, I would like to thank the entire team of Toko Assurance for their outstanding support”.

J&C Services was also among the new members of Xayasana Club who achieved their annual budget and qualified for a trip to Kunming, China.

After launching their business in Lao PDR in 2007, with policies purposely designed for the local population, Toko Assurance has worked hard to meet the evolving needs of its customers and as a result has increased its customer base from only 15,000 policies in 2008, to a whopping 112,000 insurance policies produced in 2011.

Today Toko Assurance is one of the country’s leading Insurance providers with more than 250 agents across the entire country.

In conjunction with the celebrations, Agents from the provinces and the capital also attended 2 days of training and a planning seminar. Included in the training was a special program designed specifically for assessing and settling of motor claims.