J&C Awarded “Top Gold Agent”: Toko Assurance

Toko Assurance held its 8th Anniversary Celebration at a Don Chan Palace Hotel with roar of success and confidence.

Toko Assurance’s 150 loyal agents from nationwide gathered in Vientiane for a seminar and followed up with a anniversary dinner, attended also by their respective dignitaries and customers. This celebration is Toko Assurance’s familiar annual affair; and bears the hallmarks of its solid foundation laid after 8 years of entry into Lao insurance market.

In his speech, CEO Raymond Lim has attributed to “the company’s better performance due to our stable and growing economy, prudent underwriting policies and the loyal support from our pool of agents and customers” over the years.

J&C Awarded “Top Gold Agent”: Toko Assurance
Mrs Arinya Phonseya, Office & Finance Manager at J&C, receives in addition to the Top Gold Award the Agent’s Incentive Award for achieving the sales targets


The Award Ceremony for its top agents was the climax of the evening setting a positive tone for an even better performance in 2016. J&C Services, represented Arinya Phonseya, Office & Finance Manager, was awarded with “Top Gold Agent”.

“Being a Top Agent for Toko in Laos is a great honor” said Mr. Aeschbach, Senior Partner at J&C, “I would like to thank all customers of J&C Services for their support and for trusting in our services. Furthermore, I would like to thank the entire team of Toko Assurance for their outstanding support”.

J&C Services received already in previous years “Top Gold Agent” awards. “J&C Expat Services strong performance is impressive” explains CEO Lim. “J&C Services has become an important link between the Expat Community in Laos and Toko Assurance”.

J&C Awarded “Top Gold Agent”: Toko Assurance
“I’m very proud of our J&C team, again they did a great job”,
praises Mr. Aeschbach his team members


J&C Services offers clients a wide range of insurance products, including:

  • Vehicle insurance (car, motorbike etc)
  • Property and Content insurance
  • Health and Personal Accident for local staff members
  • International and local medical health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Accident and disability insurance
  • Income protection

As a smaller niche provider, J&C Services is offering customer-specific solutions to its clients, while providing at the same time the most competitive premiums.

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