J&C Expat Services – Best Performing Agent of Toko Assurance

As most of our readers know, J&C is committed to providing news and information for expats living in Laos, as well as a range of other services to make your life here easier. One extremly important service which is often overlooked is insurance. As an agent of Toko insurance, J&C consistently provides cheaper quotes and faster, more professional service than other agents. If you value your belongings, your house, your vehicle and your health, look to us to insure for you.

Since beginning our relationship with Toko, J&C Services has worked hard to become not only one of the leading agents of Toko Assurance, but also proudly hold the top position in the “non-motor” insurance market.

Last week, J&C Services had the honour to be named “Top Performing Agent”, with an award presented by Mr. Chan Lek Wei, CEO of Toko Assurance.

J&C Expat Services – Best Performing Agent of Toko
from left to right: Chong Yoong Swee, CFO Toko, Chan Lek Wei, CEO Toko, Stephan R. Aeschbach, Senior Partner J&C Services and Ong Jen-Shen, Business Developing Manager Toko

J&C’s clients are businesses and organizations who appreciate our client-focused approach delivered by offering professional services. We at J&C Services pride ourselves on our integrity & honesty and will always do our best to make sure that both parties are satisfied with the terms of an insurance contract.

Here’s what some of our clients say about J&C and Toko:

“For an INGO like Save the Children it was important to use a highly professional insurance company offering fast service when requesting a quote, but who also had competent staff in case of an accident. Doing everything through J&C as an agent of Toko, we found friendly, helpful and English speaking professionals who we would feel comfortable with in an accident scenario. Before we finalised health and accident policies with Toko our organization made a thorough comparison and no other insurer was offering such good services at cheaper rates. The best part for an international NGO is that Toko reimburses medical costs from anywhere in the world which is very convenient when our staff travel abroad.” Meret Wyermann, Head of Operations, Save the Children Australia

“At Vientiane International School we use J&C (agent of Toko Insurance) for Health & Personal Accident as well as for Property Insurance. We found that Toko’s rates easily beat those of their competitors whilst providing even greater coverage at the same time. Working with J&C is great because they provide professional staff who understand exactly what VIS needs as an international community. I highly recommend J&C for any insurance matters.” Bryndis Chapman, Business Manager, Vientiane International School

In collaboration with our partners at Toko we are able to offer customer-specific solutions to our clients, while providing at the same time the most competitive premiums. Try us and be surprised how much we differ if compared to the local competitors AGL and LVI !J&C Expat Services – Best Performing Agent of Toko Assurance

J&C Services maintains business relations with many international organizations and companies in Laos.

Our insurance services include Office, Home and Content Insurance, Motor Insurance, Health and Personal Accident Insurance for local staff members and All Risk Insurance among others. Please contact us to receive more details about all products available at 020 77 100 200 or